Your daughter can be whatever she wants to be.

July 13, 2015


So regular readers would know I have 3 daughters, 2 of which went back to school today. The smallest one should have gone back to pre school but she has a pupil free day… (hahaha…I know right). So after dropping off the other pair I went about my business, going to the shops etc.. and then ended up sitting at Maccas with a coffee and the newspaper while the little one played a game on my phone… Excellent parenting yes I know, but it was an alphabet game so it’s alright.

Along comes another mum with her daughter that I guess would be perhaps 8 or 9 who obviously wasn’t lucky enough to go back to school today but were doing pretty much the same as us. Trying to just get a bit of peace and quiet, enjoy a coffee and stay warm. I smiled politely at her when she sat down next to me and that was that. I continued to read the article in the paper about the Australian “Ginger Jihadi” and thinking to myself how the fuck does this shit happen? A “normal”  Australian boy from the suburbs ending up over there and has now married a 16 year old jihadi bride? Howwwww???? I just try to wrap my head around it all and keep on reading.

Now not eavesdropping at all but when she is right next to me it is hard to not overhear when the little girl tells her mother that she wants to be a nurse when she is older…. To which her mother replies with “You’re not smart enough to be a nurse”.

Without a moments hesitation I flung my head up and looked at the mum who was seated on the same side as me with my eyebrows raised. I probably looked extremely rude but it happened without any self control. The mum looked at me and laughed and said “She’s not!” I then raised my eyebrows again and probably not so politely smiled and pointed my head back down to the paper. I then took a sec to look up at the little girl who’s face had dropped and give her a big smile.

Now, I am not judging this mother’s parenting technique… well, I’m trying not too. But reallllly????? Obviously I do not know what kind of grades this little girl gets and I am all for keeping shit real but wow!!! So harsh. This kid is just that…. a kid. I expect she will change her mind a thousand times before it comes time for her to make a career choice but I bet my arse she will remember her mum saying she wasn’t smart enough to be a nurse. What about just saying “Do you darlin, you’ll have to work very hard” and smiling?

My God about 6 months ago my eldest daughter who is 12 wanted to be Foreign Minister!!!!! Do I think she will be? Shit no…. nor would I want her to be but far out I would never be a bitch about it. At the moment she wants to be an architect… Will she do that? Who knows…. probably not… SHE IS 12!!!! As if she knows what she wants to do!

Jesus, a while ago my middle daughter tells me she wants to be a black policeman. After trying to figure out what the hell she is on about I figured out she means………


Unknown-1                     Not this…       Unknown

Anyone who knows my middle daughter would know this is an extremely bad idea as she will more than likely shoot someone for having a sooky face, let alone if they pissed her off.

My point to the matter is this. They are kids. They need encouragement to do things. Yes you want to keep it real for them.. They can’t all be rocket scientists or doctors or even foreign ministers BUT because we live in this country our girls have every opportunity. They have education, they have abilities that in other parts of the world are simply dreamt about. If they want the opportunity to be a pilot… It’s there. They want the opportunity to be a teacher… It’s there. Obviously everyone has their own academic abilities and talents and we should encourage the kids to work within what is acceptable for them but to tell them flat out “You’re not smart enough” when they are only 8 or 9 I just think is a bit harsh.

To this little girl…. I hope one day you are the best nurse ever. Of course, if you still want to be a nurse next week. 😉

*police images from smh and withintheblackcommunity.

3 thoughts on “Your daughter can be whatever she wants to be.

  1. Lily

    Holy shit, I can’t believe she said that to a 9 year old!!! What a way to build confidence and self-esteem. I won’t pretend I’m not judging, because that is just ridiculous.

  2. Andrea @ Sublime Finds

    I cannot even begin to believe a mother would tell their sub-10 year old daughter she’s not smart enough to do something! #allofthejudgement
    Thank you for reminding us all of the important role we have in making sure the girls in our lives know they can and should go after their dreams. x


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