Sick of spending money on food?

July 15, 2015


photo-1424847651672-bf20a4b0982bAbout a month ago I put out a couple of questions on Facebook about how much you all spend on an average weekly shop and what are the things you buy the most. Thank you to all of you who responded as it was pretty helpful. On average around $300 a week for a family of 4-5 seems about right. Most of you  jump out to the shops every few days for bread, milk and fruit and still end up spending more while you’re there.

I’m not going to tell any of you how to save money or how to not go to the shops every few days because this is exactly what I do as well. But…. what I have found is how to not do it quite so often.  The answer….. junk mail. Yep… it’s a pain in the arse I know but it can actually be really helpful if you just give it a bit of your time.

Time….. I understand is something we all don’t have much of but if you just organise yourself a short amount of time I promise it will make life a tiny bit easier. This is what I do….

First have a look through your supermarket catalogue of choice and check out this weeks specials and then do yourself up a meal plan for the week accordingly. Obviously there won’t be everything on sale that you would like for the week but by seeing what’s cheap you can work your way around a few good recipes without spending a small fortune. E.g… bananas are cheap.. you know the kids eat bitchloads of them so that’s great, but then what about making banana cake or muffins for the freezer for school lunches. Or freezing some which makes smoothies or even a quick ice cream easy. English muffins is a great one, great for breakfast but then also great made into mini pizzas for after school or with Nutella, banana and strawberries for after dinner. (Half each I find is enough … for the kids anyway). Or what about ham… sandwich staple but then what about making dinner with it as well. Things like pasta, quiche or I make an awesome impossible pie with ham and leek (which I will post on here later) and the kids LOVE it!

These are obviously only just examples of what I try to do, just to cut down on spending soooo much money.

Another good thing to do is sit down with a coffee (or wine if you need it) and flick through your favourite cookbooks or foodie magazines and bookmark things you think sound good/know you’d like and work your way accordingly through them with things that are on sale. Write out your meal plan for the week including extra things you will make like dessert and school snacks and make sure you take the list with you to do the shopping, just so you know what it is you will need to avoid trips back to the shops where you think you will spend $5 and inevitably end up spending an easy 50.

So from now on I’m going to pick one thing each week from either Woolies or Coles and link up a recipe to help you out. (Easier if I link it to other sites as they make meals look much prettier then I do!)

First up is lamb forequarter chops from Woolies at $7.99kg.. These are super cheap and easy as to use in the slow cooker. Now, this is not the prettiest looking dish in the world but my god it is tasty and if you have leftovers it is awesome on toasted sourdough or even mixed through some pasta.  Lamb Obsession from Slow Cooker Central is just superb.



Or if you think you would like something  perhaps a little lighter you could try Lamb Chops in Ratatouille from Both I have made before and both are equally as delicious and the kids eat them.






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