CMV awareness month.

June 2, 2015

10479155_816816021720253_2585071917087123561_nHere is something that is very close to me. June is CMV awareness month. CMV stands for Cytomegalovirus, a condition which is fairly ordinary until it strikes a pregnant woman in the early stages of pregnancy. This is close to me as I contracted it around the 6 week mark of my last pregnancy. If you haven’t read my story about it before you can here.

Once CMV is contracted the patient will then carry it for life. It may or may not strike up again at any time without notice, usually with nothing more than flu like symptoms.

If it is passed from the mother to the unborn child it can result in some very serious and lasting problems. I was extremely fortunate enough to keep it to myself and my daughter was born 5 years ago completely fine.

Recently a mum contacted me after reading my story to let me know about her own experience with CMV. Her beautiful little boy Christopher did contract the virus whilst in utero and has been going  strong now for over a year and has recently just celebrated his very special 1st birthday. Christopher has his very own Facebook account so people can keep track of his progress. If you would like to keep track of this awesome little guy you can find him here.

So……. CMV is not a thing many people are aware of….. but it should be. It can be contracted by absolutely anyone and unless there is something a tiny bit strange about your pregnancy you won’t ever even know about it. I know I had never heard of it but now I won’t ever forget it, that’s one thing I do know for sure.


2 thoughts on “CMV awareness month.

    1. jacqui Post author

      Yep, It’s just an airborne virus. Only reason I found out is because I went to the G.P for an annoying cough. For some reason she ran tests and had them sent to my obstetrician. By the time he got back to me, I forgot I’d even been to the doctor in the first place!


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