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Mums in Business… Emma Neil

November 14, 2014


1. Who are you and what is it that you do?….I am Emma Neil, owner and creator of MeManagement.

MeManagement is an online business providing simple stationery tools; a range designed to  make mental health and happiness a priority. The stationery will help you across key areas of everyday life that can affect your emotional well-being. Awareness of how goals, planning, food, sleep, exercise and emotional management can lead to you feeling happier. They are more than happiness or depression tools – it’s a lifestyle change.

Self-care is often low on the priority list for busy mums. Our stationery helps to bring a new   sense of control over creating a life you love.

The website is also loaded with feel-good ideas and tips. Lots of inspiration to keep your mojo strong and your smile bright.

2. How long have you had your business?.…MeManagement turned one on the 31st October this year. We launched our Blog-Discovering My Time about two months ago.

 3. What got you started? ….A number of years ago I was diagnosed with depression. After a huge denial and resistance phase, I made a solid decision to actively change my life for a happier outcome. With acceptance and decision made, my research began. I sought professional help and information from any and every source. The journey back from such a low place was the hardest I have ever undertaken. There was bad days, terrible days, and refusal to get out of bed days – then there was the occasional ok day, a better day and then good days started to roll.

It was during these days that I developed stationery based tools that I could use to help  monitor and motivate me to find feel-good activities and lifestyle.

I have never returned to those days of depression, though some days require a little more work than others. I know that I have to manage my own happiness each and every day. But it’s not just for me; it’s for those awesome people that are in my life like my son and husband.

As I listened to the women in my circles, I noticed how many of them were unhappy or even suffering from depression. Many feeling just like I did a few years ago. I realised that my experience was not uncommon and that there are lots of people just like me. This was my motivation to create MeManagement. It is because of my own experiences, and those close to me, that I feel I can share some of the tools that I came up with. The tools I have created are simple but will help motivate others to dedicate time each day to doing things that make them feel great. I use them now, not because I am feeling low, but because they make me feel so good.

4. What was your last big purchase?...A green Mimco tote I lurvvvvve!

5. When the kids are in bed and the washing is all sorted… What do you do?

Option A – Yoga session and a bit of blog writing.

Option B – Glass of wine and some serious TV watching.

Option C – Bed with a Book and Cup of tea.

Option D – Hours on Pinterest under the guise of research.

6. Are you a heels or flats kind of girl? …..Both. Flats are practical but a pair of killer heels can give you a new attitude.

7. Any favourite online shops? … and would be the favourites though I do most of my big brand shopping online these days to avoid the shops. I also grocery shop online which has been a huge time and budget saver.

8. Are you addicted to Pinterest?….Serial Pinning problem here.

9. What is your biggest seller?…..Normally our Weekly Planner. Magnetised for the fridge where the whole family will know it’s your MY TIME. Coming up to Christmas our Gift Packs are starting to get very popular.

10. Any advice for other mums who might be stuck in a rut?….Make a plan – you need to be in control of your happiness. Schedule time for yourself and the things you love. Become your own Actionable Happiness Advocate.






Mums in Business… Lisa Hallett

October 17, 2014

Photo1. Who are you and what is it that you do?                                                                                            My name is Lisa Hallett. I created, own and hand pour Heaven Scent Healing Candles. Heaven Scent was created by my inspiration to help others on their healing journey. With a Diploma of Beauty Therapy behind me, my Reiki 1 and 2 attunements and anything spiritual, I arrived at the concept of creating candles, melts and reed diffusers that will aid the healing and alignment of our chakra’s through the healing properties of Essential oils and Aromatherapy, which coincide with each Chakra Centre. Later I introduced speciality candles that can be given as gifts to loved ones for Birthday, Thank You, Weddings, Anniversaries, New Home, Christmas, etc.

2. How long have you been in business?                                                                                                    My vision started back about 12 months ago, coinciding with my own health concerns. I could not find a natural candle for a specific chakra. They all consisted of dyes to colour the candle or no scent at all. I wanted a 100% natural candle that helped to aid the healing of the chakras. After extensive research, trials of soy wax, essential oils, wicks, glass jars, packaging, and mixing oils until I got the right balance of scent, I formally have had my range on the market for 5 months now.

3. Tell us about your product.                                                                                                                         All my candles & melts are triple scented, made with 100% high grade Soy Wax – an all-natural plant product. My chakra range, Purifying and Hope Candles are all fragranced with 100% essential oils and my other speciality candles are fragranced with chemical free cold pressed aromas. My candle wicks are made from 100% natural lead free cotton wicks, glass jars that you can recycle into your home after the candle is finished. None of my candles contain dyes to colour, as dyes contain chemicals which of course you are inhaling. Inhaling paraffin, lead wick smoke and dye chemicals are all carcogenic, cancer forming ingredients. My range primarily focuses on ones well-being and healing, yet it will create a wonderful aroma that will fill your home and space as well.

4. What do you like most about your business?                                                                                             I love that fact that having my business my house always smells amazing. Making and hand pouring the candles is very therapeutic for me, as I chill out with my tunes pumping and zone out to creating my candles, melts, etc. I also love the fact that I have met some beautiful people along my journey and that I have found a niche in the market to actually help those in their healing processes.

5. Do you have any favourite online shops?                                                                                                    I love anything spiritual. I love browsing I’m not so much an online buyer but I am an avid book reader, so I’m always browsing for my latest book. I am a massive fan of Pinterest and of course Facebook, not to mention reading Mother of an Attitudes blog! Awesome work!! This is where I usually go when I find myself with a few minutes to spare during the day.

6. The kids are in bed, washing is done….What do you do?                                                                      I sigh a huge sigh of relief and let the weariness take over. LOL! Don’t we all?? Though I love nothing more when I do find this blissful time out to soak in a hot bubble bath with one of my candles burning and close my eyes and relax. Snuggles with the hubby of the lounge are another luxury that I love to steal as well.

7. Ideal Saturday night?                                                                                                                                 Ideal Saturday – Hubby cooks a BBQ and a movie with the family, dinner out at our favourite haunt – Morpeth Commercial Hotel, or a backyard bbq with friends.

8. Whats the one thing you can’t live without?                                                                                            Gee this is a hard one! I could not live without my children or hubby! They are the loves of my life! I couldn’t live without animals! Taking time out with my pets is very relaxing and rewarding. Now if I had to go the technology end of things, I could never be able to live without my iPhone. Where would we all be if we couldn’t Facebook, ring each other, sms each other, check our emails, google, etc???

9. What was your last big purchase?                                                                                                            I’m in the process of organising a new car! OMG I cannot wait to get my hands on my new Mazda 3 SP25 Hatch! Zoom Zoom!

10. Words of advice for mums who might be stuck in a rut?                                                                  Mix it up! Take 5 out, go out for coffee with a friend, invite someone over. Find a hobby or something you are passionate about! Surf the net, this is a wonderful place full of awesome blogs to read, healthy creative recipes, advice, etc. And always, always, practise gratitude everyday! There is always something or someone to be grateful for!

Thank you to Jacqui for asking me to be apart of the Mums in Business Friday special! I love Jacqui and her sense of humour and down to earth attitude! I love reading her blog, I always get a giggle. If you want to know more about my candles, learn more about chakra’s, etc, you can find me on Facebook at Heaven Scent Healing Candles, you can email me at or you can find me at Maitland Markets every fortnight now until Christmas under the Grandstand.

Have a glorious day!
Love Lisa

Mums in Business.. Karina Purcell

October 3, 2014

Our last interview for Mums in Business was for gorgeous clothes for our little ladies.. This week we’re all about casual surf clothes for the little grommets.


1. Who are you and what is it that you do?                                                                                    My name is Karina Purcell and I am the owner and designer of SHRED Groms, which provides stylish, trendy, surf inspired t-shirts, tank tops and snapbacks for the little people in our lives.

2. How long have you been in business?
SHRED Groms is only in its infancy.. 2014 is our year! I have been researching and planning to launch a clothing label for years, however, the timing didn’t seem to fit. That was until this year.. Circumstances changed and new opportunities presented themselves, so I am grabbing it with both hands and giving it everything I’ve got!

3. How did you get your start?
A little whirlwind named Reef (my 1 year old son) came into my life and turned it upside down! I went from full-time shift work as a Network Control Officer (Train Controller), with a lot of structure and routine, to a full time mum, learning day by day and realising that every child has their OWN manual and are ruled completely by their own body clock! As Reef grew over his first year I realised that baby/toddler surfwear was quite hard to find. I live for the beach and feel more at home in the ocean than I do on land. I love designing, painting and anything crafty.. and I love bright, happy colours and a bit of attitude. So really.. my start just happened. I made the decision that I needed more…I needed to get back into design and start creating again, plus on the upside why look for surfwear for Reef when I could have him wearing my designs instead! That’s how SHRED began..

4. What was your last big purchase?
To be honest, being a single mum, and trying to get SHRED up and running.. there hasn’t been any big purchases of late. I’m turning 30 next year.. so a trip to a Surf and Yoga Retreat is the goal for now!

5. So, the kids are in bed, the washing is done… What do you do ?
Call me a Nanna.. but usually I end my night with a cup of tea and 2 Scotch Fingers haha. What a rebel.

6. What’s the one thing you can not live without?
The beach! It is my sanity.. I can have the most hectic day and a trip to the beach washes everything away. It really is the one place that clears my head and it is where I get my inspiration.

7. What’s your ideal Saturday night?
I have to say these days I am a fan of the old backyard BBQ. Whether it is with family or with a group of friends, it is always a fun time. Although a night out with my girlfriends never goes astray.. I just don’t recover quite as well as I used to!

8. What’s the best thing about having your own business?
Well I am hoping that as SHRED gets out there a bit more and has a bit of time to mature, that the best things will include; seeing kids out and about with my designs on their shirts, being able to organise my family time and work time so they go hand in hand and having the freedom to use my creativity to make a life for my son and I.

9. Any favourite online shops you love?
Lately if I make any online purchases it is normally through an Instagram or Facebook Page. I try to support the little businesses run by other Mums out there that are trying to get off the ground.. us mums need to stick together!

10. Words of advice to mums who might be stuck in a rut?
Until I was a mum myself, I never knew just how much a mother sacrifices for her child/children. It seems like we all spend so much time on being the absolute best possible mums that we can be, that we have no energy or love left for ourselves. It has taken me a year to realise that to be the best mum I can be, I need to love me. I need to take care of myself and I need to accept that sometimes days are amazing and full of bliss, and others are just down right crap. So now if I am having a not so great day.. that’s ok, I let myself have that day, but that’s where it ends. I wake up the next day and its game on.. time to tackle whatever it is head on and get on with it! I’m not sure if it’s as I get older, or if it is the fact that once we are blessed with little people in our lives, then everything just seems to be put into perspective. I think the best advice I can give is that regardless of what circumstances you find yourself in, talk to someone. You are not alone and a lot of the time, there will be someone in an almost identical situation. Keeping the lines of communication open is the most important component.. don’t keep everything bottled up. Surround yourself with happy, positive people who bring out the best in you! Don’t be afraid to take the path less travelled.. it may be more challenging at times.. but definitely the most worthwhile!

You can find more info on SHRED on Facebook and Instagram.

Mums in Business.. Katie Liddle

September 19, 2014

We are up to number 5 in this series where we take a closer look at the mums who are in business for themselves.


1. Who are you and what is it that you do?
I am Katie Liddle. I was born and bred in Geelong, and have just recently returned. With a husband who works in WA on a fly in/fly out basis, we decided that it was time for our girls (aged 8 and 4) to have more family support around them. I own and am the creative director of the handmade couture brand Vintagebubbles. It stemmed from my love and passion for fabric. It has now transformed into a thriving business creating unique clothing for girls aged 1-5 years. All items are designed and made by myself in my home studio.

2. How long have you been in business?
I have been in business since 2005, It began as an idea to sew a few items for my girls and as they say.. The rest is history.

3. How did you get your start?
I have to thank social media for my big break and Facebook in particular. Being able to sell a product while sitting in your PJs is awesome.

4. Whats the one thing you can’t live without?
My daily coffee

5. What was your last big purchase?
Thermomix, well it was my hubby’s purchase. 😛

6. So, the kids are in bed, the washing is sorted…. what do you do?
Attend to my business…. invoicing, updating website, answering emails or watch telly if a favourite show is on.

7. Whats the best part of owning your own business?
I get to set my own hours and can work around my time to attend school or kindy.

8. Whats your ideal Saturday night?
Been so long but having a flyin/flyout hubby, having him home to have take away Thai is lovely.

9. Ever had any major business disasters?
My gosh heaps, but what doesn’t break you makes you stronger in my books. I am learning everyday on how to do do business!

10. Words of advice for any mums who might be stuck in a rut?
Depends what type of rut…..but I am a believer that it is ok to put yourself first ahead of your family somedays. I think us mums forget about ‘our’ time when we have a family. Do something everyday that is a) for yourself and b) that makes you smile.

If you’d like more information about Katie’s Vintagebubbles you can visit the website or follow her on Instagram.

Mums in Business.. Sara Kasteel.

September 12, 2014

This is our 4th interview in this series and today we have the gorgeous Sara. Read on and find out about her and her beautiful business.


1. Who are you and what is it that you do? I am Sara Kasteel. I am a beauty therapist and what I do is make peeps feel and look gorgeous! I am also a wife and mum of three, so when I am not pampering I am pandering to the whims of my gorgeous lot! My business is Little Miss Gorgeous Beauty Therapy in East Maitland NSW. Our little beauty therapy salon has a lot to offer! Our services range from advanced skincare treatment using our own LMG Skintherapy Skincare and offering anti ageing treatments like micro needling, microdermabrasion, and skin rejuvenation using IPL for pigmentation. We offer all beauty services such as special occasion/ formal/wedding makeup, tinting, waxing, threading (for facial hair and brow shaping) mani/pedi, shellac nails, ear candling, relaxing treatments like massage and body scrubs, spray tanning, facials, ear piercing, cosmetic tattooing for brow enhancement or creation, IPL hair removal, lash extensions, brow extensions. We also offer Tween Peacock Pamper parties! (6-12yrs maximum 7 children) these are pretty special as we only offer one or two availabilities each month, the children learn about self care and relaxation and at the end get some glitter and gloss on lips and nails and afternoon tea, then get to dress up in our special Peachick Dresses for a makeover photo, kids LOVE it, and we are told at every pamper that “This was the BEST party ever! ” We also do private and personal Intimo bra fitting! There is nothing quite like an amazing bra to make you feel gorgeous!

2. How long have you been in business? I have been a beauty therapist for 21 years. LMG has been opened two years in its own store, but was evolving for about ten years before that. It started as a home salon while my eldest was a baby, and grew into renting a room in a pharmacy and now the children are grown enough, it’s now an entity of its own. I am proud of how my last ‘baby’ is growing!

3. How did you get your start? After I left high school I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life and worked in record stores, pubs and cafés!  After being surrounded by hospitality my whole life and having aspirations in high school to be a journalist or a lawyer I was embarrassed about holding my dirty little secret of ‘just wanting to make people feel and look gorgeous.’ Mum sat me down after a year and told me that I couldn’t work at Daydreams Coffee Lounge forever and demanded that I tell her exactly what I want to do with my life! That was when I blurted out my secret desire to do Beauty Therapy. The next week I was enrolled to do my course!

4. Ever had any major business disasters? No.Thankfully.

5. What was your last big purchase?  I’m about to purchase an amazing new machine for the salon (that is probably the cost of three kidneys) and it will change lives! Well, nearly! Its a surprise so I can’t actually tell you about it yet, so you’ll have to wait a few weeks 😉

6. So, the washing is done and the kids are in bed… What do you do? Run an aromatherapy bath, make a cup of tea and lay in the bath reading about anything. Depending on my mood, it can be Buddhism, or decluttering, how to grow your business, or self development or it might be a novel if I am feeling overwhelmed and just want to chill out although often it’s two week old school notes! I lay in bed and read about beauty stuff on the internet, googling products, and treatments and of course…. FB :) When I have exhausted that, I then usually start googling Tiny Houses on YouTube. I really, really want one! Just for me, in my backyard, to go and runaway to every now and then!

7. The one thing you can’t live without? My work! I love it! I am so much more of a better and more present mum when I am working! I just don’t love being a full time home maker, I am happy to do it part time tho,lol! I am so lucky to have a job that I adore! I still love going to work and seeing all of our beautiful clients. I get variety in my treatments every hour, so am never bored, and get to chat to so many people in a day! Our salon is a little haven where women can come to get some pampering, “look gorgeous AND feel gorgeous”, it’s almost a little bit of nourishment for your heart and soul. A lot of the feel good stuff is intuitive, We often cosy a client up and pop our eye massager on, tuck them in, and let them lay quietly in the dark with the music playing and a hand massage and cocoon them for a bit if I think that they might need some extra TLC. I put a lot of love into my treatments as do the girls!

8. Any favourite online shops? I always have buy stuff from The Home, they keep really great homeware brands and I will often buy cushions and cool stuff there. I never buy clothes online as I am the laziest shopper ever! I try my best to shop locally to support other local small businesses, so I LOVE Lizzys Life+Style, Vintage Iris, Princess Scallywag for gifts, Twig and Moss for arty stuff!

9. Best way to spend a Saturday night? Hanging with my family, my own and my siblings and their families! We have lots of laughter and stories and sometimes singing, and dancing, and being crazy. It’s always big fun! A night out with girlfriends is also great for the soul!

10. Advice to mums who feel like they’re stuck in a rut? Firstly, know that you aren’t alone! Even though it can feel lonely at times, being in the throes of overwhelm, you will get out! I have been in that rut. When my dad suddenly died,  I had two little girls 18 months and three, my family completely shattered, a brand new niece, it felt like not only was I overwhelmed but EVERY person that I would normally go to for propping up were all grieving too and just trying to get on with stuff and there really did feel like nobody to talk to. I had some good friends, who would drop everything to pick me up from the bathroom floor when I had locked myself in once the kids had gone to bed, so I could finally just bawl and they helped sometimes. Secondly just acknowledging that it’s actually OK to feel like crap sometimes, and that if you do, it is your body telling you to slow down a bit, and maybe go and cocoon for a bit. Be mindful of feeling like this, because if you get it early, you can get out of it more quickly in my own experience. A day or two in pjs every now and again does not make you a bad mum! Thirdly, exfoliate. Imagine you are buffing away the overwhelm and leaving the shiny you underneath, then moisturise and mindfully apply your cream, so you acknowledge this tiny bit of self care! Get your brows done! Seriously, a brow makeover with a tint, threading and shaping can have you feeling a million dollars straight up! Put on a bright lipstick, get dressed and do your hair. Go out into the sunshine! Even if it’s just to sit in the sun in a cafe while you have a coffee or take the kids to the park. A little bit of effort can make a huge difference to how you feel! Sit in the sun and breathe in the fresh air and breathe out the overwhelm. Give yourself some loving and nurturing, honour yourself first, so that you can be the best mum to your kids! My kids and I listen to an app at bedtime called Relax and Sleep well, by Glenn Harrold. I swear by it, being the thing that got me thru the hardest times, it’s a little bit of reinforcement for your subconscious to just get up each day and just be AWESOME! Fourth- Hug your kids and your partner. Afterall, they are the most important thing and the reason why we do what we do!

If you would like more info on Little Miss Gorgeous you can follow them on Facebook.

Mums in Business… Lena McKechnie

September 5, 2014


This is our third interview in the Mums in Business series, and this week we head down towards the beautiful Blue Mountains area and chat with this gorgeous cake decorating extraordinaire. Very grateful for her time.



1. Who are you and what is it that you do?1. Lena McKechnie, cake decorator and craft nerd.  I run Savvy Cakes by Lena, providing designer cakes, cookies, glassware hire and styling.
2. How long have you been in business? I am currently in my 3rd year of official business and my 6th year of caking.
3. How did you get your start? Being a mum to twins born late December, I made my first cakes for their first birthdays when the bakeries were shut – I had no choice! I then hit the Women’s Weekly books and found any excuse to create a cake and did my first fondant cake at a course at Planet Cake in 2009 and I was hooked. Since then I have undergone extensive training and loved every minute. Then I registered my kitchen so I could sell cake legally.
4. What is the one thing you can’t live without? Coffee!! Although I’ve weaned myself down to one cup a day and I am trying to convert to green tea. I love coffee!
5. What is the hardest part of juggling business and being a mum? The hardest part is the physical act of juggling! Switching hats literally in minutes, it’s crazy! I try to work only during school hours but there are times I am making cookie dough while helping with homework. As long as everything on the list gets done by the end of the day, it’s all good!
6. So, the washing is done, the kids are in bed.. what do you do now? OMG Pinterest! I’m such a cake tragic, always searching the latest trends in cakes, dessert tables and party themes. I love it. I have a list as long as my arm of cakes and themes I want to work on. One day!
7.  Ever had a massive business disaster? No major disasters as yet! I am a planner.
8.Do you have a favourite online shop? My favourite online stores would be Lark, Sweet Style and Miss Dot. They are simple and beautiful and right up my alley.
9. Describe your regular day? Alarm goes off at 5:35 and I’m generally up at around 6. This is my quiet time for a cuppa and I do jobs like folding and ironing while watching the news until the girls are up at 7-ish. Then it’s time to get them fed and ready for school.
Two days a week I help out at school first thing and I might buy supplies etc in the morning too. Then it’s home to work on orders for the week or prepare for orders in coming weeks until 2.30 when I pack up to go and get the girls from school. As I work from home, I can hang washing or do other jobs if need be. Once the girls are home we chill out for a bit and then do homework and then dinner at 5:30-6pm. The girls generally go to bed at 7:30 and at busy times I will work straight through. I usually answer emails and enquiries at night when they’re in bed and then bed for me at 10.30-11pm. My hubby also owns/runs his own business so he’s out of the house usually for 12 hours a day. Again, in busy weeks I can be in the kitchen until midnight but I think it’s important to have that time with the girls after school. I miss them!
10.  Words of advice for mums struck in a rut? Do what you’re good at. Do what you love. Make your own rules. Re-invent and make it work for you, rather than you working for it. Sounds way easier than it is!

You can follow Savvy Cakes by Lena on Facebook  or Instagram or visit her beautiful website.




Mums in Business… Courtney Turton

August 22, 2014


1. Who are you and what is it that you do?
My name is Courtney Turton & I am Director and Head coach for Oxygen
All Stars which is a Competitive Cheerleading & Tumbling Gym.

2. How long have you been in business?
I have been in this business for over 15 years.

3. How did you get your start?
I started out when I was 14 years old and started some dance and cheer teams as a hobby. This small dream evolved and through natural progression turned into a large cheerleading facility. I have had this dream ever since I was 14 and I never went a day without thinking about the company I would one day own.

4. Describe your “Regular” day?
6:30am Wake and dress the children for school,
7:30 Buy my coffee at “The Coffee Cubby” and wait for the school bus,
8-10am Cook dinner and clean the house,
11am I work in the office on newsletters, accounts, programing, marketing and staff training,
2:30pm Pick my daughter up from school,
3:30-9pm Coaching in the gym,
10pm Home time, eat late dinner, clean school clothing and get lunches ready. Finish off emails or marketing projects. Also this is the last chance I get to do a quick clean around the house.
12pm- Bed time.
The above is my typical day Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday I also coach in comp season which is 8 months a year. Life is CRAZY! I also have my 5 year old Ely with me. I am lucky to have my husband and staff who help with Ely. She comes everywhere with me and in the evenings if she isn’t at work with me she is with my wonderful parents.

5. I imagine running a successful business and being a mum can be quite challenging. How do you strike the balance?                                                                                                                               The balance is never perfect. My life is very different to your average working mother as I work approximately 50 hours per week  with hundreds of kids and then still have to be mum to our 2 daughters. To keep a balance I make sure I have job lists. I have worked out that time management and prioritising is the key to balance. I have learnt that I am not super woman and the house won’t always be clean and the washing won’t always be folded. By realising that life can’t always be perfect this honestly helps me keep it balanced. My husband also is helpful, he does the bathing of the children, cooks and cleans. Ryan, my husband is like a super hero. In our household to keep the balance we don’t have the stereotypical “mum” and “dad” roles. We both just do what has to be done- when it needs to be done.

6. What do you love most about being a mum in business?
I love that I work with children.  Our girls love being at Oxygen therefore it’s easy to take them to work… they want to come! Also having my own children makes me better at my role as a coach and parent liaising.

7. The one thing you could not go a day without?

8. What was your last big purchase?
Armani/Prive Rose Alexandrie Perfume in Hong Kong. Its limited addition and can only be purchased in Paris or Hong Kong.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
I see myself still as a business owner and coach but with possibly another gym in another location. I just want to keep doing what I’m doing. Hopefully by that time I will have a little more free time for holidays. At the moment family holidays don’t happen.

10. Words of advice for mums who feel a little bit stuck in a rut?                                                  Think about where you want to be and what your goals are. Do you have goals or ideas that you are too scared to take on or don’t believe in yourself? WE ARE ALL CAPABLE to be something. We all have the potential to do anything. You live once.. be a good example to your children and show them how to set goals and follow through. I grew up with learning difficulties, Dyslexia and severe Scoliosis and had a spinal fusion… I had everything going against me to be a business owner and a cheer coach. But I did it! Also find a friend or mentor who can inspire you to be the best you can be. Stay away from negative people.

My advice ~  Life is not meant to be easy… it’s hard. Life has constant battles but never forget to  be grateful everyday for all the amazing and positive things that happen. If you can’t see the good things in your life.. you’re either not looking hard enough, you hang around the wrong people or you need to create happy and exciting moments for yourself. Take control of your own life and decisions… you will be teaching your children the best life lesson.

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