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Mums on Blogs… Sara Carney

April 17, 2015

1. Who are you and what is the name of your Business?.
My name is Sara Carney and my business/blog is called Desert Lilly Vintage.
We offer a great collection of unique retro products for the bold and creative soul inside of all of us.
2. How long have your been blogging?
A little over 18 months
 3. What made you start your blog?
When I launched Desert Lily Vintage I wanted like minded people to feel connected and a little nostalgic about my two favourite eras, the 1970’s and 1980’s.
4. What do you love most about it?
Sharing my passion and connecting with other vintage and retro lovers.
 5. Any favourite online shops?
Net-a-porter for a window shop and a splurge.
eBay for all of my unique retro wardrobe that I can’t find from thrifting.
6. What is your one guilty pleasure?
A glass of SSB (wine)
7. The kids are in bed, the washing is done… What do you do now?
Kick my feet up on the couch and jump into the world of social media (oh the shame. lol)
 8. What is the one thing you can not go one day without?
A cup of English Breakfast tea.
9. Do you have a favourite person you follow on Instagram?
Hiliary Duff. She is a beautiful soul inside and out and takes the most stunning pictures.
10. Who inspires you?
Bob Marley without a doubt is a man that has fascinated and inspired me every since I was a little girl. 
Coming from humble beginnings and creating a better life for himself but by holding true to his own values and speaking his truth is a lesson I try and take into each day.
You can catch Sara here on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook 

Mums on Blogs… Karin O’Grady

March 27, 2015

  1. IMG_3267 cropWho are you and what is the name of your blog?…..My name is Karin and I am a writer at my blog Calm to Conniption. I chat about all things parenting and the life that comes along with it when we try to not just be Mum. I am a FIFO wife with two small kids (one in each flavor) who loves to laugh, doesn’t take life too seriously and can’t help fishing out the credit card for cool cushions, table lamps and linen.
  1. How long have you been blogging?…..Calm to Conniption was birthed around September in 2013. Prior to that I had a few other blogs that I shut down (hopefully), which I was a bit sporadic on.
  1. What made you start your blog?….I was looking for something for me outside of thinking what to make for dinner and how long until nap time. I wanted to create something that could develop with unlimited potential that was completely up to me to make of it what I will. I wanted to connect with other like minded people and hope to give other parents a bit of light relief with relatable moments, how to’s and sharing things I love.
  1. What do you love most about it?….I think mostly I love having a little online space and a creative element for myself. The community I have joined has been brilliant and an unexpected element to the blogosphere.
  1. Any favourite online shops?….Oh my gosh!! I am a bit of an online shop whore and spread myself around. I do love Down That Little Lane, Hard to Find, and of course the rabbit hole that is the wonderful Etsy!!
  1. What is your one guilty pleasure?….I love good wine and have become a bit of a snob these days. Life is to short for shit wine. Of course with wine must come a nice soft cheese and fancy cracker.
  1. The kids are in bed, the washing is done… What do you do now?….You would probably find me in my office working on Calm to Conniption or if there is something good on TV I will have my Mac on my lap on the lounge while I watch combined with reading some awesome content from my Bloglovin’ feed.
  1. What is the one thing you cannot go one day without?…..A cup of tea. A good cup of tea is like a refined kick up the ass, Downton Abbey style. Tea cures so many ailments; laziness, sleepiness, headaches and noisy children!
  1. Do you have a favourite person you follow on Instagram?...I love checking out @summer_murdock for her beautiful family pics, @lisamessenger for her inspiration and cool shares, @childrenofthetribe for their awesome kid-wares, @designlovefest for beautiful places and things, @_carlybrownphotography_ for amazing Summery photography, @dr_sash for more bright, clever photography, gosh, so many favourite people but not just one person. Will stop now as I could be listing forever.

10. Who inspires you?…..The many women in places I aim for in this blogging business inspire me. They may or may not be at the top of their game but they are successful in life (or doing a damn fine job of faking it) and juggle family and a career that they have made for themselves.

Layne Beachley also inspires me for damning the man and taking on the surfing empire. Also she is a down to earth chick who makes the effort to encourage and support other women not just in surfing.

Lena Dunham for breaking the mold and never being afraid or ashamed to just be herself. Also for her amazing intelligence and creativity. I wish for just a scrap of her writing capability!

You can find Karin at Calm to Conniption and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Mums on Blogs….Fairlie Dennison

March 19, 2015


1. Who are you and what is the name of your blog?
I’m Fairlie, a Melbourne-based travel blogger writing about family travel
experiences at my blog Fairlie is not actually my real name…it’s Alison Dennison.  It’s a long (and probably very boring) story as to how I came to be blogging as Fairlie – and now, several years down the track, the moniker has stuck, and at times I actually do think it’s my real name. Fairlie is my travelling alter-ego, the Superman to my Clark Kent.

2. How long have you been blogging?
I’ve been blogging at a couple of previous blogs since 2007. Initially, I
started with a personal family-story type of blog, mostly just to keep
interstate and overseas family and friends in the loop with what we were up
to. Then I co-wrote a blog with a good friend. On that
one, we examined the knowledge and wisdom of life pre-1970 and applied it to
life in the 21st century. I’ve been blogging specifically about travel
experiences since March 2014, so is fast
approaching its first year anniversary. This time around, I’ve approached
blogging very differently and the past year has been a massive learning
curve as I’ve absorbed all I can about it.

3. What made you start your blog?
Reading and writing have always been my biggest passions. Initially I saw
blogging as a way to exercise my writing muscles, but at the same time to
capture all the stories I was forever telling people when we returned from
trips (whether they wanted to hear them or not!). I was always offering
advice and tips to friends and friends of friends via email, so this
particular blog was a natural extension of that.  I take lots of photos and
I collect lots of stories, and on the blog I put them together into
bite-sized bits which remind me of where I’ve been, and offer tips, advice
and information to others to entertain and inspire. I post mostly about
family travel with two older kids (11 and 17).

4. What do you love most about it?
Blogging is a window into diverse lives in a variety of places. Through it,
I have made lots of great new connections with people around the world. The
best part about travel blogging, is sharing personal stories about places,
sites and experiences. There’s nothing quite like other bloggers’ honest
opinions and observations to shape itinerary plans.

5. Any favourite online shops?
Ah, well…accommodation booking sites of course (expedia,,
agoda)! And airline websites.  I also love for
ordering travel guides and pre-trip reading. On my blog I have an occasional
series of posts where I create lists of novels and memoirs that can be read
before you visit a place. The pre-trip reading of a few titles provides
texture to my experience of the destination, and an understanding of some of
the more personal stories of those who live (or lived) there.

6. What’s on your bucket list?
I’ve written a bit about the concept of bucket lists on my blog. I don’t
have a set-in-stone list, it’s a fluid, constantly changing collection of
vague ideas. “Oh look! Shiny, new place. I’ll add that to ‘the list’.”
However, a few of the things that are on my list at the moment are: trying
out an onsen in Japan, seeing a live volcano and  going on a cruise ship
(the kitschier, the better!). I hope to tick off two of those items this

7. The kids are in bed, the washing is done… What do you do now?
Oh my goodness, the washing is NEVER done. With one teenage and one tweenage
girl in the house, washing seems to pile up faster than we can do it!
However, I’m really good at ignoring washing. So, late in the evening, once
I’ve done the myriad of other tasks that need to be done, I like to watch an
episode of one of my current favourite TV shows.  I’m working my way through
House of Cards at the moment, and having been in Washington DC just last
year, I really enjoy spotting landmarks in the background of the action.

8. What is the one thing you cannot go one day without?
Coffee. I’ve tried, really I have. But coffee is the one vice I just cannot
give up. Whenever we travel, our first priority every morning is seeking out
a good coffee (I can’t stand bad hotel buffet coffee…). In Vietnam
recently, I became quite addicted to the Vietnamese method of coffee. Café
sua da (Vietnamese iced coffee) sure packs a punch and is not for everyone.
I brought some bags of the beans home so I can recreate it here.

9. Do you have a favourite person you follow on Instagram?
I have lots of favourites, so many that to name any at all would be really
unfair to those I leave out! I love Instagram. It’s the perfect social media
channel to peruse while waiting in the car at school pick up, or those
moments in between things where you have a few minutes to spare. I love
Insta feeds that show the quirky detail or the texture of travel
destinations. My own feed (@feetonforeignlands) is a mixture of travel
photos while we’re ‘on the road’, photos from or related to blog posts and,
on a day-to-day basis, photos in and around Melbourne, particularly of
street art.  I try to view my own city as if it is a ‘foreign land’, never
taking for granted what it is about our way of life and our environment that
makes it so unique. So there are always plenty of great pics to capture and

10. Who inspires you?
I’m inspired by everyone who doesn’t take their surroundings for granted,
whether they are at home or in foreign lands. It’s inspiring when people
take the time to understand the uniqueness of the world’s cultures and
histories, and views what they’re seeing and experiencing with an open mind.
I’m inspired by people who take that knowledge and use it to create greater
tolerance and understanding throughout the world.


Mums on Blogs.. Bryony Gamble

March 6, 2015


1. Who are you and what is it that you do?….. My name is Bryony and I am a qualified  hairdresser and makeup artist.

2. What is the name of your blog?… I have the blog with all the latest hair and makeup trends and tips to makeup women feel comfortable trying new looks no matter what there beauty skill level is.

3. What made you start blogging?….I started blogging to compliment my new business venture, my own makeup academy a few months ago.

4. What do you love the most about your blog?…..What I love most about blogging is the gratitude  you recieve from women about informing them.

5. Any fave online shops?…..My favourite  online shop is cotton on for both the kids and me. They have 30%off regularly and do great basics.

6. What is your guilty pleasure?….My guilty pleasures would be chocolate and online shopping.

7. The kids are in bed, the washing is done… What do you do now?…Kids are down and I watch YouTube, check my social media and write a bit if I’m in the mood.

8. What can you not go one day without?….I cannot go a day without watching a makeup tutorial on YouTube…lol.

9. Who is your favourite person to follow on Instagram?…..My favourite  person to follow on instagram would have to be  @narsissist, @sigmabeauty and @kevynaucion.

10. Who inspires you?….I would have to say makeup artists like Val Garland, Rae Morris and vloggers like Nicole Gregorio and Carly Bybell really inspire me to create unique work and share my skills.

Mums on Blogs… Kim Williams

February 27, 2015

about-page-pic-1024x7311. Who are you and what is the name of your blog?…..

My name is Kim Williams I am a mum of 3, A Wellness Coach for busy mums, blogger, author of Burst of Breaky and foodie. The name of my website is Healthy Zest.

2. What is your blog about?...

I blog clean eating recipes and real world advice, tips and tricks about living a healthy, happy and fulfilled life when you tend to put yourself last like many mums do. All my recipes are “normal” every day meals, just made healthier and still delicious.

3. How long have you been blogging?…

Not even 12 months, I officially launched my blog in March 2014.

4. What made you start?…

As a busy mum myself I found a lot of articles online just simply weren’t relatable to my busy world. I didn’t have time to make gourmet meals with fancy ingredients every night and so that’s why I created my own site where women could find real life, attainable and simple advice they could implement into their worlds to make it easier.

5. What was your last extravagant purchase?…

My husband would probably say “daily” haha I am a bit of a closet shopping addict. What can I say I like shopping.

6. The washing is done and the kids are in bed… What do you do now?….

Chill on the couch watching tv with a glass of wine, which I tend to do even when the washing isn’t done, with 3 kids and a husband its never ending!!

7. What is the one thing you can not go one day without?….

Coffee!!!… Coffee rocks my world.


8. Any favourite online shops?….

I tend to search for products online BUT I LOVE shopping in person more!! Some of my favourite shops include, portmans (I love structured clothes), Zara , Cotton on (for basics) and I have to admit I own way too many Target clothes.

9. Who is your favourite person/blog you follow on Instagram?…

@food52 is one of my faves for foodporn, their pictures make me hungry DAILY!! I do follow over 1000 people so my news feed is always jammed pack with food, fashion, parenting and daily inspiration.

10. Any advice for other mums who might be stuck in a rut?….

Start with small changes, don’t try to change everything at once. Small changes = Lasting changes.

You can find Kim on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Mums on Blogs… Michelle Green

February 20, 2015

Michelle_Green_Head-201406291. Who are you and what is the name of your blog?

My name is Michelle Green and I’m the author of The Business of Baking – a blog which teaches, motivates and inspires bakers and decorators as they navigate the wild world of sweet business ownership.

2. How long have you been blogging?

The Business of Baking has been around for about 2 years now, but before that I wrote a personal blog for 10 years.

3. What made you start your blog?

Thanks to all the amazing cake TV shows and shows like Masterchef, cake making became a very popular hobby – and for some, that hobby turned into a business. As I was running my own cake business, I started to get a lot of requests for mentoring, and I noticed a lot of changes happening in the industry. There were a lot of very talented, well meaning people out there but many of them lacked the business skills to truly turn that talent into a profitable business. There were also customers reporting some really crazy experiences thay had with cake makers who – while again very well meaning – would do some crazy stuff! So it became clear that the industry needed some solid business information out there. I started offering some very small workshops about running a baking business but quickly realised that I needed to find a way to get the information out much further and faster. I was already familiar with blogging as a platform, and I love to write – so the answer to, “how do I help more people with this?” was a simple one to answer.  I started the blog because it was the resource I wish I’d had when I started down the business path.

4. What do you love most about it?

I love that it not only changes the lives of the people who read it, it changes my life too. I cannot adequately explain how amazing it makes me feel when someone sends an email or a message to thank me for writing the blog, or helping them to solve a problem.

5. Any favourite online shops?

I’m the worst online shopper there ever was! I’m one of those people who fills a cart then walks away (well, digitally walks away) from it. The only things I ever buy online these days are books – and for that I usually use Bookworld.

6. What is your one guilty pleasure?

I have several – and I don’t feel guilty about them! Everything in moderation – including moderation…

7. The kids are in bed, the washing is done… What do you do now?

I’d like to say that I sew amazing quilts, or plan vast empires, or work on solving poverty – but in reality I play on my phone, read a book and fall asleep.

8. What is the one thing you can not go one day without?

Hugs. I’m ridiculously lovey-dovey.

9. Do you have a favourite person you follow on Instagram?

I’ve got so many that I love to follow on IG for inspiration and motivtation but lately I’m having fun with the more humorous accounts like @hotdudesreading and @crazyJewishMom – my kids also love to tag me in tons of funny memes and “dad joke” type accounts. I’m also not-so-secretly obsessed with nail art – which is funny because I’m not really into make-up or fancy things – and there are some INCREDIBLE nail artists on Instagram. My feed is pretty much cakes/funny/nails/cakes/funny/nails. Oh, and @snoopygrams and @barbiestyle …. good lord, anyone reading this is going to think they don’t really know me at all!

10. Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by anyone who makes the most with what they’ve got. One of the amazing things about the blog is learning about people who are chasing their business dreams – and catching them – even in the face of huge challenges or limitations. I truly believe we all have great gifts to give to the world and I’m always inspired by people who, no matter what life hands them, continue to stand up, dust themselves off, and carry on.

You can reach Michelle here:


Instagram: @businessofbaking

Facebook: /bizbake

Twitter: #bizbake

Pinterest: /bizbake

The official hashtag: #TuesdaysWithBob


Mums on Blogs…Monique van Tulder

November 28, 2014


  1. Who are you and what is the name of your blog?….My name is Monique van Tulder and I dispense advice on the good things in life at The Urban Mum; a Luxury Travel & Lifestyle blog (…for families that like to travel in style…).
  1. What is your blog about?…..I began writing under the guise of a Domestic Goddess; I basically ate my way through Nigella’s books; took pretty pictures, and offered up my take on being a Mum & Nutritionist. It was loads of fun and I had lots to say about Parenting – eventually though it wore thin, because as much as I love baking – I love travel more than my kitchen. Essentially I wanted to have someone cook for me…My professional career was in the Travel Industry: Airlines; Hotels; Destinations. I travelled (a lot) for twenty or so years for work. Now I travel for pleasure (and write about how to do it with kids in tow…a whole new ballgame…) I do love food so I sneak in a story about yummy things on occasion (these days it is usually reviews about good places to eat…)
  1. How old is your blog?…Nearly four years old – although I did take a mini-break last year while I focused on Travel Writing for various publications.
  1. What made you start blogging in the first place? ….I love writing…I have written three novels (unpublished and probably never to see the light of day…). With a blog it is brilliant to have your own space to fill with whatever lovelies float your boat. Editorial control is luxuriously self-indulgent; and if people respond to my words it is a fabulous bonus.
  1. What was your last big purchase?….Oh dear; I wonder if The Husband is reading this…I am a shocker; Summer wardrobe at Fleur Wood; prior to that a new handbag in Hong Kong (cost per wear it is a fantastic investment – I will continue saying that to myself for a while). Earlier in the year I visited India with girlfriends – let’s just say I now have enough textiles to last a lifetime. I don’t think Father Christmas needs to visit me this year…
  1. Any favourite online shops?….Book Depository; Susan Avery Florist & eBay (I know there are more thrilling online options – I just seem to find whatever I need on eBay…). Net-A-Porter for dreaming… 
  1. What’s the one thing you can’t go a day without?….Coffee and exercise – I am so much more pleasant having indulged in both. Oh and a cuddle from my boys; even the pre-pubescent 12 year old who now grunts instead of speaking…
  1. Ideal Saturday night?…. Thursday night is Date Night; by Saturday my energy levels are low, very, very low – I am only capable of holding a glass of wine while slumped in front of Breaking Bad (late to that party, loving it….).
  1. Do you have a particular style?….Monochrome – black, white, grey – classic. I like quality over quantity. I have some gorgeous Vintage Pieces that add a unique feel… For resort holidays I love lots of silk and bright colours.

10. Any advice for mums who might be stuck in a bit of a rut? ….Take some time out for yourself – as big as a holiday or as small as a walk around the block. If you are refreshed and your soul replenished; most other things in life; family; and business fall into place.

If you are in a style rut; get an amazing classic haircut then think about who your style icons might be (I love Jackie Onassis on holidays in the 1970’s; Emmanuelle Alt from French Vogue; and Sarah Harris from UK Vogue). You don’t need to shop big to emulate your style dream – just clever. Target, Seed and Country Road always have great pieces at good price points. If you have items in your wardrobe that don’t make you feel amazing – get rid of them.   It is a bit of a cliché – but the French women really do chic well.

You can follow Monique at The Urban Mum on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

Mums in Business… Emma Neil

November 14, 2014


1. Who are you and what is it that you do?….I am Emma Neil, owner and creator of MeManagement.

MeManagement is an online business providing simple stationery tools; a range designed to  make mental health and happiness a priority. The stationery will help you across key areas of everyday life that can affect your emotional well-being. Awareness of how goals, planning, food, sleep, exercise and emotional management can lead to you feeling happier. They are more than happiness or depression tools – it’s a lifestyle change.

Self-care is often low on the priority list for busy mums. Our stationery helps to bring a new   sense of control over creating a life you love.

The website is also loaded with feel-good ideas and tips. Lots of inspiration to keep your mojo strong and your smile bright.

2. How long have you had your business?.…MeManagement turned one on the 31st October this year. We launched our Blog-Discovering My Time about two months ago.

 3. What got you started? ….A number of years ago I was diagnosed with depression. After a huge denial and resistance phase, I made a solid decision to actively change my life for a happier outcome. With acceptance and decision made, my research began. I sought professional help and information from any and every source. The journey back from such a low place was the hardest I have ever undertaken. There was bad days, terrible days, and refusal to get out of bed days – then there was the occasional ok day, a better day and then good days started to roll.

It was during these days that I developed stationery based tools that I could use to help  monitor and motivate me to find feel-good activities and lifestyle.

I have never returned to those days of depression, though some days require a little more work than others. I know that I have to manage my own happiness each and every day. But it’s not just for me; it’s for those awesome people that are in my life like my son and husband.

As I listened to the women in my circles, I noticed how many of them were unhappy or even suffering from depression. Many feeling just like I did a few years ago. I realised that my experience was not uncommon and that there are lots of people just like me. This was my motivation to create MeManagement. It is because of my own experiences, and those close to me, that I feel I can share some of the tools that I came up with. The tools I have created are simple but will help motivate others to dedicate time each day to doing things that make them feel great. I use them now, not because I am feeling low, but because they make me feel so good.

4. What was your last big purchase?...A green Mimco tote I lurvvvvve!

5. When the kids are in bed and the washing is all sorted… What do you do?

Option A – Yoga session and a bit of blog writing.

Option B – Glass of wine and some serious TV watching.

Option C – Bed with a Book and Cup of tea.

Option D – Hours on Pinterest under the guise of research.

6. Are you a heels or flats kind of girl? …..Both. Flats are practical but a pair of killer heels can give you a new attitude.

7. Any favourite online shops? … and would be the favourites though I do most of my big brand shopping online these days to avoid the shops. I also grocery shop online which has been a huge time and budget saver.

8. Are you addicted to Pinterest?….Serial Pinning problem here.

9. What is your biggest seller?…..Normally our Weekly Planner. Magnetised for the fridge where the whole family will know it’s your MY TIME. Coming up to Christmas our Gift Packs are starting to get very popular.

10. Any advice for other mums who might be stuck in a rut?….Make a plan – you need to be in control of your happiness. Schedule time for yourself and the things you love. Become your own Actionable Happiness Advocate.






Mums on Blogs… Aleesha Price

November 7, 2014



1. Who are you and what is the name of your blog?…..My name is Aleesha and my blog is called Me and The Young.

2. What is your blog about?…..It’s all about #mumlyfe. From cooking to cleaning and cleaning and looking after my two babies, which is again, a lot of just… cleaning. It’s a window into my everyday.

3. What made you start blogging?….I mostly started blogging because I was stuck at home all the time waiting for naps to end. I was writing really looongg Facebook status updates and people started saying: you should write a blog. So I did. I also think that mums with little ones can really feel isolated, not just physically but emotionally as well, sometimes I just want to write. YOU’RE NOT ALONE! I GET IT!

4. What do you think is the best part of your blog?….The best part of my blog is that people tell me they read it and are like OH MY GOODNESS THAT HAPPENED TO ME TOO (and it sucked, but in hindsight it’s kinda funny too).

5. Do you have any favourite online shops?….I wish it was some classy online clothing store, but I’m a huge ebay addict and often get on tangents, and end up opening a parcel three weeks later with a single mushroom shaped cookie cutter that I have no recollection of paying 80c for; (true story).

6. What is your last big purchase?….We’re actually in the process of buying a block of land at the moment so I suppose that. Other purchasers however include a Nicer Dicer pro (another ebay tangent).

7. The washing is done and the kids are in bed…. What do you do?….My washing is never done. Ever. My washing basket is the equivalent of Mary Poppins’ handbag, so it’s not my fault. But I still do stuff. I enrolled in a creative writing course to do my Grad-Dip so at nights I might sit down and write for a while, or post on my blog… or watch TV with a bowl of ice-cream.

8. What is the one thing you can not live without? ….I feel like it’s so cliche but… coffee. I have learnt to live without sleep, but coffee… No way man.

9. What is your guilty pleasure?……This is a place of no judgment right? Ok, reality TV. I’m such a sucker, Big Brother, The Block, Biggest Loser, Masterchef, you name it. My friends know not to make plans with me on eviction night. How sad.

10. Any advice for mums who might be stuck in a bit of a rut?….Just get outside, go for a walk, a different way then you usually would. Something that works for me, is that I always try and have a goal, sometimes big – like writing a novel; sometimes small; like mopping the floors, but I feel like that gives me something to work towards, and if anything can pull you out of a rut, surely it’s a bit of motivation.

 You can follow Aleeshas blog Me and the Young on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.




Mums on Blogs.. Lisa McInerney

October 31, 2014


1. Who are you and what is the name of your blog?….  My name is Lisa McInerney and I’m the  crazy baker behind Mummy Made.It 

2. Tell us a bit about your blog………..My website was created for guilt ridden home cooks to help make healthy changes to their lives; one guilt-less dessert at a time. Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to miss out; in fact you gain so much more. Simple changes can make a world of difference. That’s where my recipes can help. My aim is to help people make healthier choices by providing recipes that turn family favourites into healthy, often vegetable fuelled, desserts and treats. Most people want to make healthier choices but don’t know where to start. Mummy Made.It helps by showing that you can make easy, small changes to your cooking to create desserts that not only taste amazing but are good for you too.

3. Why did you decide to start?……….I started my blog during the most difficult period of my life. I had been forced to resign from a role that I loved due to work place bullying and stress. I had been suffering from stress, depression and anxiety as I result. By the time I resigned I had lost 15kgs, my confidence and my purpose. Whilst I was still caught up in the whirlwind of the public saga (my life, and the situation I was involved with were front page news) but needed a new direction to focus on to channel my pain and help with my healing.

4. What do you love most about blogging?……..I love that I get to share my passion each and every day. Baking and creating innovative recipes has become an obsession that I thrive on. Blogging gives me an excuse to have an unhealthy relationship with my mixer! I hope that my blog can have a healthy impact on the lives of many. Blogging is something I can do from home (often in my pajamas!) and fits into my busy family life. Baking has always been a love of mine and I am passionate about health. I work as a Chiropractor and aim to improve the quality of health of my patients through making positive lifestyle choices. Combining the 2 was an easy task, and resulted in my wacky use of sweet potato and chickpeas.

5. What is the one thing you could not go one day without?…….. Cooking. Even when we come home from a holiday the first thing I do (even before unpacking) is make or bake something. I don’t feel ‘me’ unless I’ve channeled Martha Stewart. Also, exercise…. I am addicted to exercise. I run, do weights, Pilates and ride my bike with the kids. I’m so grumpy if I don’t get my morning sweat.

6. Do you have any favourite online shops?……… I like to browse Brands Exclusive (daily!). They have great specials and feature brands that I can’t get in the country.

7. What was your last big purchase? ………..I’m such a tight wad with money! I love buying but hate spending. My last big personal spend (my last HUGE electricity bill doesn’t count) was a pair of beautiful blue leather sandals from an amazing shoe shop in Townsville. The shop had all their shoes colour coded, it was amazing! I was lucky to come out with only 1 pair.

8. What is your ideal Saturday night?……For as long as I can remember Saturday night has been roast night at Mums. It started when my Grandparents were alive and has continued now with my children. Each Saturday night Mum cooks a roast, I make desert and we all sit down together as a family. As dorky as it sounds this is now my ideal Saturday night. Once upon a time it would have involved high heels, podium dancing and cheap vodka..but now I get too tired if I try and stay out past 11pm!

9. Do you get time to watch TV? If so what do you watch?……… I get to watch  TV after the kids go to bed. I’m a sucker for girly romances and comedies. My favourites at the moment are ‘The Goldbergs’ and ‘Revenge’. Barry is my favourite Goldberg and I can completely empathise with Bev…I think my children are the best ever too!

10. Any advice for mums who are stuck in a rut?………Do something new….or maybe it’s something old that you need! When you become a mum your life changes so dramatically. Everything you do is centred around and effected by the little people in your life; it’s easy to forget who you are as a person, besides our role as a mother. Take some time to remember what you used to do for fun and try it again. Dancing, gossiping, shopping, long phone chats, fashion parades; whatever made you smile then will make you feel more like yourself now.