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An open letter to sporting mums.

July 7, 2015


I have been meaning to write this piece for quite some time however it has just been put on the back burner as something I will get around to. Well…. now I’m around to it. Here’s the thing that’s pissing me off. I have 3 daughters.. 2 of them are very actively involved with team sport. The youngest one not just yet as she is too little but she will be when she is old enough. I LOVE team sports. I think it is such a great way for the kids to make new friends, learn how to co exist with other kids they may not get along with, learn how to work as a team effectively. It also teaches them to appreciate weaknesses and strengths.

Here is where I think some of us mums need to work on this as well. All these kids are different and what one is good at someone else might not be…. They are all different. End of the day IT IS A TEAM. You know what a TEAM is?

Look, we all think our kids are pretty awesome yes? Of course we do but man I am getting really pissed off at the mums thinking their kids are the bees knees and hanging shit on all the others. Yes your child might be faster than mine, but mine has the physical strength of two of yours. Yes your child might have different skills but without my child having her particular set of skills yours would fall flat on her arse. Thing is… the team was in place before we all got there and it will still be in place if we left. It is just that simple. Your child is NOT the principle player. Accept it and move the fuck on.

You see, this is what makes a team. People who all have what it takes but are different in their own ways all trying to achieve there same result. Your child is not going to learn how to work effectively in their chosen sport or life in general really,  if you keep letting them believe it’s not them it’s everyone else.

So really…. stop with your bullshit.

CMV awareness month.

June 2, 2015

10479155_816816021720253_2585071917087123561_nHere is something that is very close to me. June is CMV awareness month. CMV stands for Cytomegalovirus, a condition which is fairly ordinary until it strikes a pregnant woman in the early stages of pregnancy. This is close to me as I contracted it around the 6 week mark of my last pregnancy. If you haven’t read my story about it before you can here.

Once CMV is contracted the patient will then carry it for life. It may or may not strike up again at any time without notice, usually with nothing more than flu like symptoms.

If it is passed from the mother to the unborn child it can result in some very serious and lasting problems. I was extremely fortunate enough to keep it to myself and my daughter was born 5 years ago completely fine.

Recently a mum contacted me after reading my story to let me know about her own experience with CMV. Her beautiful little boy Christopher did contract the virus whilst in utero and has been going  strong now for over a year and has recently just celebrated his very special 1st birthday. Christopher has his very own Facebook account so people can keep track of his progress. If you would like to keep track of this awesome little guy you can find him here.

So……. CMV is not a thing many people are aware of….. but it should be. It can be contracted by absolutely anyone and unless there is something a tiny bit strange about your pregnancy you won’t ever even know about it. I know I had never heard of it but now I won’t ever forget it, that’s one thing I do know for sure.


Online shopping for the kiddies.

April 22, 2015


This week in my little series for online shopping for dummies we are visiting the kids stores. I find sizing in these ones pretty good as I know that can sometimes be a problem, make sure you do check their returns policy though. It can just be so hard with kids.

  • Charlie and Me. This is like Pumpkin Patch’s little sidekick. The website is the same layout and the clothes are the same quality but less expensive I find. They always have stuff on sale and if you’re organised enough, can pick up some great bargains for next season.
  • Next. I added Next to the women’s list last week and I will do it again for every other list I make as it is so good. Keep in mind they are a UK based company so their seasons are different to ours but you can still find great pieces.
  • Shred Groms. This one is for the little surfer groms out there. A local mum who has great quality pieces made with the distinct Shred logo. Very cute.
  • SurfStitch. Again for the little surfers of the world, or the ones who MUST have the brands. I’m not sure that it’s any cheaper than being in the actual stores but it is convenient and has a stack of brands.
  • Dollcake. I know this one because it’s only for the girls and I have 3 of them. Their stuff is divine. If you have a special occasion (think flower girl, baptism, special party) you MUST go have a look. Even if you don’t, go have a look anyway… It’s bloody beautiful.
  • River Island. You could be on this one for a while as it is for everyone but well worth the look.  Very on trend and I love the stuff aimed at the tweens. Awesome sales as well.
  • Two Little Kings is one for the littler kids, up to around size 6 for some things. It’s an American site so again there’s the season issue, but they have the most gorgeous harem pants that need to be looked at!

So there you have it, If you have any favourite ones make sure you post yours in the comments section below. Happy shopping my ladies. xx

Stop being an ungrateful little shit.

November 10, 2014


Firstly I will say that the following story is about my two eldest daughters and in no way includes my third. She’s off the hook…. this time. Secondly, I will say that all of this could very easily have appeared on fellow bloggers aprilahh FFS Friday. 

So, last Friday I decided to take my three to McDonalds after school with some friends for a quick snack and a catch up with my friends (their mums)… It wasn’t going to be a long time as Friday afternoons for us are hectic to say the least. So that would be nice for them right?? RIGHT????  You would think. I know that if my mum took me to Maccas after school just for no reason I would have been ecstatic. My delightful pair did nothing but whinge their arses off the whole time.

They were bought a caramel frappè each and they had to share (gasp.. thats right… SHARE!!!!) a large fries. Stupid really to think that an 11 and an 8 year old could actually share something right? So, after taking a phone call from my brother … over a dysfunctional family matter that is pissing me off… I return to my seat to discover one sitting there with a look of thunder on her face and the other even worse. They both complain because it wasn’t enough. They have both inhaled their frappè and demolished the fries in about 3 1/2 minutes. Then whinge rather loudly that it wasn’t enough and I should have bought more for them. It was a SNACK damiiittt, and  Miss 11 was going to play basketball in less than an hour so I didn’t want her filled to the brim before  she takes to the court.

After the constant fighting and bitching I decide enough is enough, stand up, grab my keys with the shits and demand they stand up and GET IN THE CAR!!!! Then Miss 4 who has been sitting there being a complete angel bursts into tears because we are leaving and she hasn’t finished her milkshake. I feel bad for her because it IS unfair that she be made leave when she hasn’t done anything wrong, but… thats the ways the cookie crumbles sometimes. Don’t blame me… blame your 2 sisters for being bitches!

My point to the story is…. I just wouldn’t have done that when I was a kid. Much like my article last Thursday about there being rules about school uniforms, where do these kids get off? It just baffles me at times because both my husband and I are quite tough on these kids regarding behaviour and manners and generally they are alright, but holy shit, it’s about the sense of entitlement these kids have. I don’t just mean my kids… I mean A LOT of kids.

If your kids don’t behave this way then congratulations, but I’m sure there are a lot of you who are nodding along with me. Not just about going places… just about nothing ever being good enough for them. Nothing is ever good enough. The money that gets spent on kids these days even just in regard to after school sports/activities is enough to support a third world village yet still there is this need for more. This expectation that they have infuriates me.

When we were kids, McDonalds was something special, play dates were for weekends and sleepovers at friends houses didn’t happen often. You didn’t just expect things. If you were bought something it might have been because you had been good or perhaps you had done well at something.. It wasn’t just because you were at the shops and mum should buy you something just because.

So kids, listen up… Your life is not so bad. Did you know that your iPad costs the equivalent of our entire Christmas presents for one year when we were your age? Did you know that there is no valid reason for an 8 year old to need an iPhone? Did you know that take out is a privilege and shouldn’t be expected just because you screw your nose up at what you don’t want for dinner?  Did you know that just because you lost your school jacket I shouldn’t be expected to buy you a new one and you just shrug your shoulders when you find out it costs 60 fucking dollars? (Ok, that last one was just at my child) but my point still remains..


I know I can’t be alone with this. I wonder what would happen if suddenly every parent just went back to how they were raised as a child? There would be kiddies on meltdown everywhere you looked, I would guarantee it. It certainly is a different world now isn’t it? For the better…………. I don’t think so. 

Pottery Barn Kids..

September 1, 2014

AU_0731_SuperCats_KidsSo, I’m just sitting here doing some work and this appears in my inbox. The Pottery Barn Kids catalogue. When I like things I need to share them with you all , so go grab a coffee and have a browse. So many gorgeous things, keeping in mind its only 15 weeks or something ridiculous like that until Christmas! I am loving that patterned pink chair for my 4 year old, and the zebra print beach towel for my middle one, and the beanbags for my eldest ones bedroom…. For those with little bubbas there is a section all of its own for you too. I must admit I have not looked there because I do not need any more babies!

I just came across this… Which one are you? Do you think it’s accurate? Pretty spot on with me I think!


A Love Letter To Sleep

July 14, 2014

Stocksy_txpaf3bb7a3ts7000_Small_285732Well, the school holidays are over. I hope you enjoyed them. The last week for us has been ridiculously busy. And by saying us, I mean me. Organising 2 birthdays, dropping children here, there and everywhere, spending an ENTIRE day searching for the ONE thing that that my daughter wanted as a present, sick child with doctors appointments,  trying desperately to clean out some crap from my house and all the other boring rubbish that needs to be done and I am exhausted.

We went out with friends for my husbands birthday on Friday night and even stayed out thanks to an awesome deal at the Novotel and by Saturday morning I felt like the living dead. Knowing I then had to come home and do the joint barbecue lunch for the fam seriously made me want to crawl into a hole. Not that I didn’t want to do it, it just seemed like such a monumental task. Even buffet breakfast wasn’t making the process any easier. My effort at breakfast was pathetic. A scoop of Bircher muesli, and a croissant. That was it. Pfffft.. Soft.

Was just too tired to eat.  After lunch I realised that in my comatose state of getting dressed that morning I had even put my undies on inside out.  Fantastic.

It’s the kind of bone crunching tired that only a mother knows. For all the mums with newborn bubbas who think it gets better, my words to you are…It does… But only slightly.

“Become a mother and never sleep a full night again.” It is the truest thing I’ve ever heard. Remember sleep? Remember uninterrupted sleep?…… How good was it? When does it come back? God I hope it comes back.

Sleep n. a condition of body and mind which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended.

That’s what the dictionary tells us is “supposed” to happen. For most mums that does happen but not completely and certainly not for any lengthy period of time. So why do we let this happen?

Our bodies are pretty good at communicating with us. It lets us know if we are sick, hungry, thirsty, injured and so on..(my head tells me at any time after 9.30 in the morning that we are yet to have a caffeine intake) It tells us we are tired and run down constantly yet we ignore it and keep on going because we don’t have time to sit down and have a quick nap. We’ve got shit to do!  I know I don’t speak for everyone, I’m sure there are plenty of mums that do get adequate sleep… I don’t know any but I’m sure they’re out there, but the majority of us are always tired.

It’s hardly any wonder when you think about what we do. My husband works 2 jobs and always says he’d rather it that way than have to do my job. I love how when dinner is finished (if he is home) he just sits on the lounge and that’s him done for the evening!

I’m sure a lot of the time we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves  which doesn’t help with the tired factor. I like to make sure all the boring shit is done before I sit down. I know yesterday once everyone had left I was going to get all the cleaning up done and then I wanted to just sit with a cup of tea and read my book. It didn’t happen. By the time I had finished it was time to get kids showered and look at getting something for dinner.  Oh god, dinner. I am NOT cooking dinner.  Whilst one of them was in the shower I looked in the freezer and even did a fist pump when I saw a frozen lasagne in there. Right… that, garlic bread and salad (tomato and cucumber) that’ll do.  The one who’s in the shower sings out… “Muuuuuuuuuum, can you cut my hair tonight?” I walked in the bathroom and just looked at her and that was all she needed to know my reply.

Once in bed you would think you’re done. Hahahaha…. No.

You’ve then got the one who coughs all night, the one who sleepwalks, grinds her teeth, gets up a thousand times for a drink, nightmares, sore legs, kicks off the blankets then yells out to you that she’s cold?!

Oh are you kidding me?!

 You all know what I’m banging on about. I know you do.

Just nod along wearily and smile … If you can be bothered.

This week I’m doing nothing… Kind of.

Til next week, stay sane. 😉

Jac xx

School Holidays Activities to Keep You Sane

June 30, 2014

Decoration KitWell, they’re here again….. The school holidays. For those who aren’t parents no doubt you will think.. Oh are they? Those who are.. Will certainly know all about it.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us all and we can get them outside as much as possible.

My girls have already asked if we can go for a walk at the beach so I’m pleased they want to get out and not belong to the lounge. These holidays generally are expensive ones for us as we have 2 birthdays back to back so whilst the money gets spent on presents/parties/BBQ etc… The rest of the holidays I’m a tightarse.

It’s going to work out fine (for me anyway) as I have a list of rooms to clean out each day as we are about to start proceedings on “the great renovation of 2014” and I need all the help I can get to get rid of the crap in this house. Aren’t you glad you’re not my kids, such an exciting treat for their holidays!

Just by the way if any of you have any hints on how a family survives a major reno I would be very grateful. I’m sure this process is going to give me plenty of writing/whinging material.

Anyway back to the holidays…I have created another board on Pinterest to have a look through and find some cute little ideas to help out with the boredom factor. I especially like the game with the shower cap, shaving foam and cheese twists! There’s also some good ideas for the dreaded road trip, travelling on planes with little ones and also some stuff for the Tweens to do.

Speaking of the Tweens…. I have noticed my girls, well the older two anyway have moved their TV interests somewhat… Which I must say I’m pretty happy about, not that I don’t love Good luck Charlie, Dog with a blog and Sam and Kat but geez something else is very refreshing.

If you have a little lounge lizard and have Foxtel/Austar maybe you’re in luck. Flick it over to the Nat Geo channels. It’s not boring for kids like it used to be. There’s a show called The Science of Stupid – it has the cringe factor of Australia’s funniest home videos with the science of what went wrong and when.

Also, there’s Do or Die, Brain Games and None of the Above. They are all great for kids and they are actually learning something during the viewing process, and you never know the grown ups might learn something as well.

Another thing I have put on the Pinterest board is some recipes that either you or the kids or (even worse, both of you!) can make.

Things that are “sometimes” foods and also more everyday things. If you can bear it let them be in charge of dinner one night. If they’re old enough they can pick it, prepare it, cook it, (within reason obviously) and yep… clean it up too, or at least clear the table and stack the dishwasher. Sometimes it can be a big thing for them to take on a grown up task… And if it gives you a break then why not?

So try and enjoy the holidays…..even just the part of not racing around like an idiot of a morning screaming like a mad woman (surely it’s not just me?)

Til next week stay sane 😉

Jac xx

Kids Hairstyles: Tips & Tricks

June 16, 2014

Stocksy_txp5f678063mr6000_Small_29555So, today we are talking hair. A special kind of hair…..Kids hair. Some kids love the hairdressers, while others.. Not so much.

You see back in the day, I was a hairdresser.. Well, I still am, I just don’t work anymore! So I am well equipped to be telling this story and handing out a few tips.

Kids Haircuts

If your child is one of those who is not so caring towards the hairdresser maybe I can help.

Firstly, don’t surprise them with a trip to the salon. Tell them they are going, even if it’s just ten minutes before hand, let them know where they are going and why. If you can get hold of a book about haircuts then do so and read it a few times in advance. It’s amazing how much children take in just from hearing a story about something they can relate to.

Secondly, find a hairdresser that is great with the kids. Not all are. I had one girl that worked for me that I wouldn’t let cut the kids hair as her tolerance level was zero. Sometimes it really is hard work cutting kids hair as they don’t understand the concept of sitting still. This is dangerous for both the child and the stylist. Fingers get cut and so do ears. It happens more often than you’d think. So perhaps the iPod/iPad could come in handy to make the job easier.

Let them play a game or watch a show, even a favourite story you can read to them whilst they are in the chair will seriously make the job much easier. If the child is scared of the clippers (and many are) ask for the stylist to run the clippers over their hand, just to show them it’s for cutting hair and not skin. I used to do it all the time. It lets them know that it kind of tickles and it shouldn’t be feared.

Lastly, make sure you’ve got an idea of what it is you’re after and be realistic. If you know the child finds it difficult sitting still, don’t expect a precision cut bob for instance. There nothing more annoying than being told “you’re the hairdresser, you decide.” You might think you’re doing them a favour by leaving it up to them… You’re not.

Also, if you have had the very unfortunate experience of head lice, make sure they have been completely treated and the problem has been resolved. Do not take them to the salon and expect them to fix it. The salon will be well within their rights to turn you away. So that’s the salon visit taken care of. Now for the actual hair do.

Kids Hairstyles

If your little girl has a fringe make sure you plan on getting it cut regularly (by the stylist!) or if you are planning on growing the fringe out make sure it gets tied back. There are so many gorgeous little bows and clips that there really is no excuse for having all that hair hanging in their little eyes.

When it comes to washing be sure to shampoo twice and condition. It is important. I find it easier especially with girls with long hair to comb through conditioner with a rake or a wide tooth comb. It ensures the conditioner has been distributed properly and makes for easy brushing later.

In regard to products for children you need to keep in mind the texture/type of the hair. My three girls are all different. The eldest has waves, the middle is as straight as sticks and the youngest has ringlets (although they are dropping which is a bit sad). You need to be sure you’re using the correct product for each type.

Something to remember is the more moisture that is in the hair the less likely it will be to frizz. So if your little one is prone to frizz or even just dryness you need to be using a leave in moisturiser of some description. Even a treatment once a week is extremely beneficial.

In Summer, the hair suffers from chlorine (rinse the hair with tomato sauce for the dreaded green tinge) and salt abuse from the beach. In winter it’s the indoor heating and wind that come into play.

For those with the waves, try a salt spray. It’s amazing how much it can make a difference. For the boys with the little funky haircuts instead of using gel which can dry crunchy and tacky try a volume powder, just a little bit is all you’ll need.

So what happens when all our babies aren’t babies anymore and they want to decide on their own hairstyles? Give them guidance I guess and let them express themselves a little.. But remember, they are still only kids.

I see some Tweens with a full colour and horrendous regrowth from a colour which (I hope) they’ve done themselves, and I think it seems a little unnecessary. Let them have a few foils or even a semi permanent colour which isn’t too different from their own shade.

Also, for girls it’s a time to discover the accessories that can help them determine their own style. I guess I just think they have the rest of their lives to be grown ups. Let’s not make it happen to quickly.

Kids Hairstyles Inspiration

If you’re after a little inspiration I’ve created a board on Pinterest to have a gander at. There’s hair cuts and hair dos and even just a few tweaks to jazz up a school ponytail. Even if you don’t have any kids, some of these styles are pretty cool… And the kids are cute too!

Til next week stay sane 😉
Jac xx

Best Stores for Trendy Kids Clothing

May 26, 2014

Boutique: Carrying Shopping Bags Through BoutiqueI then had every intention of attacking wardrobes, then I had a look inside them and decided to go get a coffee instead. There truly has to be a limit of how much crap one can throw out on any given weekend. Instead I have chosen to pace myself. Next will be the pantry. I long to be one of those mums that has everything completely organised, even having everything sorted into shiny jars and containers, but I’m not.

I see pantries on Pinterest and think to myself how lovely that would be, but then wonder exactly how long they stay looking so neat. Would last about 10 minutes in my house. Last time I did a clean out I’m pretty sure we had 15 half open bags of salt and vinegar chips and about 7 different brands of chilli sauce. Ridiculous.

Once the pantry is done I will work myself up for the children’s wardrobes. The thing is once they have been cleaned out they are usually depressingly empty which then means they need to be replenished. Obviously the smaller ones get a decent amount of hand me downs, but even then I sometimes feel a bit slack that the eldest gets new stuff and they don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, they get their fair share of new things but it goes without saying that being the eldest has it’s advantages. Being that she is now in that ridiculously awful “tween” stage means shopping for her is becoming increasingly difficult as she is developing her own sense of style. Of course you’ve got your basic Big W… Should point out that their Lee Cooper range is pretty cool, K Mart and Target stuff (as much as I love you Target, sometimes I baulk at your prices) but then sometimes it’s nice to get some other stuff from the “grown up ” places.

Being that she is a “tween” it’s made easier that she fits the smaller adult sizes. Suprè makes for a good stop as does SES. I LOVE SES. $150 the other night and we left with 2 whopping big bagfuls. Should keep her happy for a while.

For a lot of other things I choose to jump online. I’ll be honest, I’d much rather sit down with a coffee in one hand and my iPad in the other than negotiate clothing racks and other people being all up in my own personal space. Also having the amount you’ve already spent staring at you in the top right hand corner is rather helpful as you can keep track of things rather than having the amount dumped on you at the checkouts.
For clothing and shoes here are some of my faves (Is like pumpkin patch’s little brother and cheaper too!) (Discounts on checking out.) (Free shipping now to Australia.) (Something a little more funky.)

For special occasions for little girls.. Weddings, Baptisms/Communion, anything uber fancy or gorgeous little headbands/hair accessories.

Even for linen if you fancy something other than what the major stores offer, (Great discounts on loads of brands) (Amazing stuff for the older kids, currently with 20% off!)

And if you feel like having a wee browse for the home, right now I’m loving The twins from The Block (always my favourites) have beautiful things It’s like Pottery Barn for us.

So there you go, some of my go to websites for purchasing or even just for a bit of inspiration. Now, all you need to do is go put your feet up and have a look around. The washing will wait.

Til next week stay sane 😉
Jac x