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Your daughter can be whatever she wants to be.

July 13, 2015


So regular readers would know I have 3 daughters, 2 of which went back to school today. The smallest one should have gone back to pre school but she has a pupil free day… (hahaha…I know right). So after dropping off the other pair I went about my business, going to the shops etc.. and then ended up sitting at Maccas with a coffee and the newspaper while the little one played a game on my phone… Excellent parenting yes I know, but it was an alphabet game so it’s alright.

Along comes another mum with her daughter that I guess would be perhaps 8 or 9 who obviously wasn’t lucky enough to go back to school today but were doing pretty much the same as us. Trying to just get a bit of peace and quiet, enjoy a coffee and stay warm. I smiled politely at her when she sat down next to me and that was that. I continued to read the article in the paper about the Australian “Ginger Jihadi” and thinking to myself how the fuck does this shit happen? A “normal”  Australian boy from the suburbs ending up over there and has now married a 16 year old jihadi bride? Howwwww???? I just try to wrap my head around it all and keep on reading.

Now not eavesdropping at all but when she is right next to me it is hard to not overhear when the little girl tells her mother that she wants to be a nurse when she is older…. To which her mother replies with “You’re not smart enough to be a nurse”.

Without a moments hesitation I flung my head up and looked at the mum who was seated on the same side as me with my eyebrows raised. I probably looked extremely rude but it happened without any self control. The mum looked at me and laughed and said “She’s not!” I then raised my eyebrows again and probably not so politely smiled and pointed my head back down to the paper. I then took a sec to look up at the little girl who’s face had dropped and give her a big smile.

Now, I am not judging this mother’s parenting technique… well, I’m trying not too. But reallllly????? Obviously I do not know what kind of grades this little girl gets and I am all for keeping shit real but wow!!! So harsh. This kid is just that…. a kid. I expect she will change her mind a thousand times before it comes time for her to make a career choice but I bet my arse she will remember her mum saying she wasn’t smart enough to be a nurse. What about just saying “Do you darlin, you’ll have to work very hard” and smiling?

My God about 6 months ago my eldest daughter who is 12 wanted to be Foreign Minister!!!!! Do I think she will be? Shit no…. nor would I want her to be but far out I would never be a bitch about it. At the moment she wants to be an architect… Will she do that? Who knows…. probably not… SHE IS 12!!!! As if she knows what she wants to do!

Jesus, a while ago my middle daughter tells me she wants to be a black policeman. After trying to figure out what the hell she is on about I figured out she means………


Unknown-1                     Not this…       Unknown

Anyone who knows my middle daughter would know this is an extremely bad idea as she will more than likely shoot someone for having a sooky face, let alone if they pissed her off.

My point to the matter is this. They are kids. They need encouragement to do things. Yes you want to keep it real for them.. They can’t all be rocket scientists or doctors or even foreign ministers BUT because we live in this country our girls have every opportunity. They have education, they have abilities that in other parts of the world are simply dreamt about. If they want the opportunity to be a pilot… It’s there. They want the opportunity to be a teacher… It’s there. Obviously everyone has their own academic abilities and talents and we should encourage the kids to work within what is acceptable for them but to tell them flat out “You’re not smart enough” when they are only 8 or 9 I just think is a bit harsh.

To this little girl…. I hope one day you are the best nurse ever. Of course, if you still want to be a nurse next week. 😉

*police images from smh and withintheblackcommunity.

An open letter to sporting mums.

July 7, 2015


I have been meaning to write this piece for quite some time however it has just been put on the back burner as something I will get around to. Well…. now I’m around to it. Here’s the thing that’s pissing me off. I have 3 daughters.. 2 of them are very actively involved with team sport. The youngest one not just yet as she is too little but she will be when she is old enough. I LOVE team sports. I think it is such a great way for the kids to make new friends, learn how to co exist with other kids they may not get along with, learn how to work as a team effectively. It also teaches them to appreciate weaknesses and strengths.

Here is where I think some of us mums need to work on this as well. All these kids are different and what one is good at someone else might not be…. They are all different. End of the day IT IS A TEAM. You know what a TEAM is?

Look, we all think our kids are pretty awesome yes? Of course we do but man I am getting really pissed off at the mums thinking their kids are the bees knees and hanging shit on all the others. Yes your child might be faster than mine, but mine has the physical strength of two of yours. Yes your child might have different skills but without my child having her particular set of skills yours would fall flat on her arse. Thing is… the team was in place before we all got there and it will still be in place if we left. It is just that simple. Your child is NOT the principle player. Accept it and move the fuck on.

You see, this is what makes a team. People who all have what it takes but are different in their own ways all trying to achieve there same result. Your child is not going to learn how to work effectively in their chosen sport or life in general really,  if you keep letting them believe it’s not them it’s everyone else.

So really…. stop with your bullshit.

When you don’t have a royal baby.

May 6, 2015


Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few days, you will be well aware that we now have a new royal baby, and that Kate was in hospital for less than 12 hours. Doesn’t seem like a long time no, however, she would certainly not be going home to an average house. Well, I’m fairly sure it would not be anything like my house anyway.

Over the course of the last few days on Facebook I have seen quite a few women comparing themselves with Kate, in regard to how fantastic she looked when she was going home. So I thought I would just remind some of you about the differences between our lives. Her Royal Highness would be going home to have nannies, housekeepers, stylists and all kinds of shit that we certainly do not have. She would have had someone in the hospital to attend to her appearance making sure she looked spot on for when she was on parade for the waiting worlds media. She wouldn’t have to worry about sorting out older siblings in regard to getting them dressed, fed, bathed and so on, nor would she need to worry about preparing dinners and washing and everyfriginthing else that we need to do. Need I go on? I’m pretty sure I’ve made my point.

After I gave birth to my first daughter I fell asleep with my hand still on the spoon in the bowl of soggy cornflakes. After returning home from delivering my 3rd daughter I vividly remember crying on around day 3 as I still hadn’t had a shower since I came home. Sleep was far more important than hygiene until all of a sudden it wasn’t. I am sure poor Kate will go through all kinds of roller coaster emotions as well… she is only human after all. However, I think it is completely and utterly unreasonable to even try and compare our lives as mothers. Really, at the end of the day with all the shitloads of stuff we have to do every day I know who’s life I would rather. At least we don’t need to worry about walking out the front door looking like the absolute living dead and having it grace the front pages of magazines and newspapers worldwide.

Thoughts on Indonesia

April 29, 2015

So you now obviously know that the ringleaders of the Bali 9 Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have been executed in Indonesia last night. My thoughts on this event are torn. It’s very easy to say “fuck em” and “they deserved it” and other such things as it is not us in this situation. I have learnt through personal experience you don’t know shit until you are in the situation, so to comment on how you would handle things is just plain old hot air. These men are someone’s sons, someone’s brothers, someone’s friends and yes they did the wrong thing. A very stupid thing. They got caught and as a result suffered the consequences of Indonesian law. The pain that these families would have to endure for the next 10 years would be unimaginable and it makes me extremely sad for them to have to go through all this because their boys made a stupid choice. As a parent I know my kids are far from perfect and to even think about this happening to them is heinous.

However, this is where the bleeding heart in me ends and the brain takes over. These boys knew what they were doing. Christ, they were the ringleaders… to make them out to be brave and noble is complete bullshit. How many lives do drugs ruin? How many families are completely torn apart by drugs? How many children live a less than average life because of drug addicted parents? How many parents cry themselves stupid because of drug addicted children? How many lives could have been affected if the drugs that these pair were carrying and co-ordinating had have made it to our shores. As parents are we not shit scared of what these drugs can do to our children? The though of it terrifies me to the very core.

These men knew their consequences yet chose to run the gauntlet. Yes, they have been rehabilitated. They had no choice really, 10 years with having nothing else much to do I guess they would be rehabilitated. I do not agree with leaving them there for that amount of time only to kill them in the end. I find that unacceptable. I also find it unacceptable to blame Tony Abbott or any of the Australian government for not doing more. I saw some 2 bit actor the other afternoon telling Tony Abbott to get some balls and intervene! Really? REALLY????? What exactly do you want him to do? Then we have the #boycottindonesia. What the fuck is that going to do? Yes the government is corrupt….. nothing new there. It’s not like it has only just happened in the last 10 years. What happens to the majority of good people in Indonesia if we boycott holidays and spending etc? What happens to them? What, then they suffer because of what two stupid Australians did 10 years ago and Australia has the shits with their country because we didn’t get our own way. This is not how the world works idiots. To suggest this is ludicrous.

Look, I don’t profess to have the answers to any of this and this is obviously just my own opinion. There will be those of you who disagree with me and that’s fine. I expect that, and like I said I don’t have the answers.. but what I do know is this. Nothing good will ever come from drugs. In this country or any other country. There are always consequences for your actions and hopefully people will have learnt a very valuable lesson. To the families of these men, my heart goes out to you. I hope to never know your pain.


Who do you think you are?

April 8, 2015

image courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

image courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

I have toyed with this post for a few days now, wondering do I put my 2 cents worth in or do I just leave it? Well, clearly I couldn’t leave well enough alone.

The organisers of the Reclaim Australia rally went to great lengths to inform people that racism would not be tolerated. This was a rally to reclaim the Australia that we “used” to be. A rally to try to and encourage our Muslim friends to embrace our values and our way of life rather than the other way around. Yet, it wasn’t the Reclaim rally that ended in tears, it was the opposing Anti-Racism rally. These people just ended up looking like complete misinformed fools. If these idiots had have done their research they would have discovered that this was not a racism debate at all. It was just a simple question really… Of Why??? Why do we need to change our values and the things that we hold dear? Whether you are religious or not the fact remains that Australia is a Christian country. We do not need to change anything to please anyone else. Simple… Yes?

In a society where it is becoming more and more difficult to speak your mind in fear of offending someone, I actually admire the people who are speaking out to say ENOUGH!!!. Enough of trying to change us!!!! Yet of course these words are then turned around to make it look like we are all racists. It is just simply not true. The best article I have read concerning all this bullshit was a piece in the Cairns Post called Reclaim Australia rallies expose the real bigots in our midst. It is superbly written and truly does put some people in their places. I actually could have clapped as I read along. My opinion only of course, and I’m sure not everyone will agree with me… I don’t care.  Which now brings me to what really pisses me off.

The stupid arseholes who think it is ok to burn the Australian flag. You pathetic excuse for a human being. What the hell gives you the right to desecrate our flag just to give you a bit of attention. You are despicable. Men and women gave their lives serving under that flag just so you little fucks have the opportunity to live your lives in the most beautiful country in the world. Of course you probably think that you are hard done by because the world isn’t handing you everything you always wanted on a silver platter, but if you were half as smart as what you think you are you would understand you have it pretty good.

You owe the Australian people an apology. Even more so you owe our Diggers an apology. You go to a Dawn Service this year and listen to these remarkable people speak and then explain to them why YOU think it’s ok to destroy our flag because you THINK some people are racist.

Unfortunately (and I still can not understand the reason why) it is not against the law to burn our flag. However, I believe your punishment should be to walk the Kakoda trail…. Let’s see how big and tough you are then.  Shitbags.

The simple things..

April 1, 2015

photo-1425413374711-ca3fb214e9d8You know how when you become a grown up you learn to appreciate the more simple things in life?….I thought I might just share with you 10 things that I take notice of to make you feel a little more appreciative of your life. I mean, obviously your kids and family are your first but they are the big things… I’m talking more little things that we sometimes forget about.

  1. A good coffee. Mine is always at around 9am once the kiddies have been dropped at school and then again usually (depending on what kind of day it’s been) I will go again at 3.30 to wake me up.
  2. Hot showers. Nothing quite like it is there? I could stand there forever sometimes. It is also where I do my quality thinking. Not sure why but I’m sure I’m not alone.
  3. A cool breeze. I don’t even care if it hasn’t been that hot. I always welcome a cool breeze of any description.
  4. Toast. It’s not something I normally eat for reasons I’m not quite sure of but geez it’s good isn’t it. Vegemite, pb, avocado, jam… which then brings me to my next one….
  5. Jam. I’m sure not everyone shares my jam fetish but I love the stuff. Any flavour.. just make it a good quality one. I’ve been known to eat it from the jar with a spoon… Nutella style.
  6. Flowers. Like the saying goes.. “stop and smell the roses”. You really should. Not just roses obviously…. flowers are incredible. Nature did pretty good there.
  7. The ability to hold a good conversation. This.. I believe is a talent. There are a lot of people who can’t do it. If you’re good at it… appreciate it.
  8. A good pair of jeans. Sometimes (ok a LOT of times) these suckers are hard to come by. Once you find them… buy 3 pairs. My pick.. Lee Cooper at Big W. That’s right.. Big dub. You won’t be sorry.
  9. Tea. A good cup of tea will soothe any problem. It won’t cure cancer, It won’t ease financial strains but somehow it will make you feel a teeny bit better about things. Lemon and ginger when the tummy is unhappy and Twinings english breakfast to make the world good again.
  10. Bed. I don’t need to explain this one, it goes without saying. How good is your own bed?

See, it is just the little things.

Feel free to let me know about your simple little things. xx

You got an award for WHAT???

March 13, 2015


For quite some time now I have wanted to write a piece on how children are being raised in comparison to how WE were raised. Knowing I will undoubtedly be met with criticism over my opinions, I have decided to go ahead and write it anyway. First of all let me start off by saying I am by far not the perfect mum. I swear, I don’t cook every night and (gasp) I even go out without my children sometimes. I have made mistakes and I am wise enough to admit to them.

Recently I came across an article on 9 News on Facebook about how giving children too much praise can be a bad thing. Well, I tend to agree. Most of these studies that are performed I usually just think… “Why did we need to know that shit?”… However, I found this one to be particularly interesting. Why do kids always need to be praised? Thanked if they have done something for you..yes, but praised…constantly?11048282_880632351984603_7735114961194144279_n

Yes…. kids today are different to when we were kids…. but how, and more importantly why are they? Technology can be blamed for a portion of how things are different, for a start look at social media. I have let 2 of my children have Instagram as long as I have complete control over their accounts. Everything is to go via me. I have been enlightened to no end seeing the narcissistic bullshit that some of these kids carry on with. My god are they in for a surprise when people stop stroking their extraordinary sized (for no good reason) egos.

A while ago I wrote an article that ended up being seen as far as the USA about kids sport and how I think some of the rules now are a joke. It’s called The Issue with Sport if you want to go check it out.. Now, it’s about being at home and at school. I will use myself as an example. A few years ago one of my daughters came home from school very disheartened as she had not received an award in class for weeks but the naughty boy (who was ALWAYS naughty) did get one. In fact he had been getting one every week for his “outstanding” behaviour. Now, the thing is.. one award I understand…Perhaps this boy has a problem doing what is right… Perhaps this boy had been trying really hard and he deserved the recognition.  But every week?…. And more to the point… What about the kids who actually WERE being good in class, ALL the time…. getting their work done well and being responsible? What about THEM? Constantly they are being overlooked in favour of the child who needs all this “positive reinforcement”.

Again, I will use myself as an example. At the start of this year my  daughter came home with a class award for “paying attention in class”. Ummmmm…..Sorry, what? Now here is where I think there is a problem. What do you mean you got an award for paying attention? I’m sorry but this is not something that needs to be praised. That is what you SHOULD be doing!!! Do you think you or I would have EVER received an award at school for doing what was expected? Pffffft my father would have scoffed at it and been at the school with the award in hand telling them it was a load of shit. Which, really…. is exactly what I should have done. But… I didn’t. Why didn’t I?.. Because it probably would have been a complete waste of my time, that’s why.

Why has everyone gone so frigin soft??? Even at preschool…. You can’t say to the children “Don’t run”… no no no, that’s too negative. Instead we say “Excuse me Johnny, would you mind walking please?” What. A. Load. Of. Shit. At the risk of sounding like an old bitch saying “back in my day” I would have been grabbed by the arm and very firmly told STOP!….and… I would have stopped.

I have a friend who teaches Year 11 and 12 kids and last year sometime was being addressed by the school Principal for being a smart arse. The Principal spoke over the top of this girl as she was acting like a petulant child only to have the girl put her hand up and say “Ummm, I’m pretty sure I was speaking!” To which my friend almost swallowed her teeth at the audacity of this teenage girl. Now… Would you have spoken to your Principal (or in fact anyone) like that? Holy shit I wouldn’t have bothered going home. Yet, this girl stood her ground. I just do not understand.

I’ve digressed again… back to the praise..Is it necessary to praise your kids for cleaning their teeth, having a shower, sitting still in class, doing what they are told? Surely there are some things that are just expected. When they have done a good job on something then sure, of course, praise away..but for unpacking their bags after school.. No. That is expected and they will not get anything out of me only some afternoon tea.

Perhaps the children need a dose of reality. This world is not full of sunshine and lollipops and the quicker they realise that not everything is about them and people will not always be so forthcoming with their praise the better. I mean, what happens when these kids actually get a job? When they do the job that is expected of them. Are they going to be ok when their employer doesn’t make them feel ten foot tall for doing something that is just their job. Or are they going to fall over their bottom lip and have a cry because they weren’t made a big deal of?

I fear we are going to have an entire generation of sooks coming up because their ego expects to be pumped up constantly, only it won’t be. The world just isn’t like that.


I have had another rant similar to this called When Rules Were Rules about kids and their school uniforms if you are interested. 

My story.

February 5, 2015


So this is a new series which I am calling Real readers… Real stories. So before I publish any  stories written by my awesome readers…. I’m going to go first!

Every woman who has had multiple pregnancies will most likely agree that they are all different. This is my story on how trying my third pregnancy was.

On 21st September 2009 I discovered I was pregnant with our third child. Everything was seemingly normal until I went for my 12 week scan. Later that afternoon I received a phone call from the specialist to say that the equation for Downs Syndrome came back high and to inform me that he had booked me in for the CVS test the next morning if I wanted to go ahead with further testing. Only about an hour later I received a phone call from my obstetrician telling me that the bloods I recently had taken tested positive to a virus. Something called Cytomegalovirus, more commonly called CMV. He told me that depending on when it was during the pregnancy I had contracted the virus would depend on how it could affect the baby. “I have you booked in to the neonatal diagnostic specialist at 11.30 tomorrow morning” he tells me….to which of course I nod my head forgetting that he can’t hear me nodding.

He told me not to go straight to Google as this just causes more confusion and gives you the worst case scenario. (I immediately ignored him and did exactly that!) This is the first thing that came up ..

“Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a common viral infection. In healthy people, it causes a mild flu-like illness that passes harmlessly within a few days. In certain high-risk groups, including pregnant women and organ transplant patients, CMV infection can be dangerous. CMV can cause hearing loss and intellectual disability in unborn babies.”

Oh.My.God… What the actual hell is happening? I wasn’t even sick for God’s sake. How did I get this? I then carry on to read this..

” Women can catch CMV during pregnancy and pass it on to their baby – this is called congenital CMV. Around one in ten infected babies will have lasting problems. These can include deafness, poor eyesight, intellectual disability, an enlarged liver or spleen, and a small head.”

Jesus Christ why the hell didn’t I listen to the Dr and not gone to Google. Shit!!!! How do I process all this.. Oh my frigin God. By this stage I am an absolute abomination… not to mention that in the meantime I had forgotten about the CVS test I was yet to have to rule out any Downs Syndrome. Needless to say the rest of that day was not well spent.

Next day we go in for the CVS first thing to which I truly don’t remember much of, other than me laying there squeezing my husbands hand and saying endless Hail Mary’s to myself. An hour after we left there we were at the hospital waiting for this fancy pants doctor. He turns up and is just gorgeous. Seriously the nicest man in the world. He goes into more detail over what this virus actually does and what it affects.  If I had contracted this virus before 6 weeks I should be ok.. If it was between 6 and 12 weeks then we may have an issue. So then the process of blood testing follows to establish exactly when it was that I contracted this stupid thing. And so the wait begins.

Next day whilst out grocery shopping I get a phone call saying that the CVS came back all clear and there is no Downs Syndrome. Obviously I was relieved. One down. One more to go was all I could think. Later that day I was called by the  hospital to tell me to come back in the next day. Great.. this can’t be good. And….. it wasn’t.  Blood levels indicate CMV contracted between 6 and 12 weeks. Fuck. What now?

Well… we wait until 20 weeks and perform an amniocentesis to determine whether the baby has contracted the virus or not. I’m currently just 13 weeks. Then what happens after that?…….. What happens if the baby has it?……. Well, we establish how bad the damage is and then whether you choose to carry on with the pregnancy. ………… 7 (but turned out to be 8) more weeks of wondering WHAT is happening with this poooooor baby.

So for the best part of 8 weeks I continued on with my life as normal as possible trying to ignore this pregnancy. We didn’t even tell anyone, except for a very select few.  I just didn’t want to know anything about it. If this baby might not survive I didn’t wasn’t any attachment to it at all. Didn’t want to know about it. Sounds horrible yes, but until you are in the situation you just don’t know.

During this time I learnt more about myself than I ever thought was possible. What I used to worry about I certainly didn’t any longer. What used to bother me doesn’t any more. It really does just seem like a blur to me. One of the nicer things that happened was I used to hear Amazing Grace all the time. In the most random places at crazy times. It was weird. I like to think it was my grandfather assuring me from heaven that I was ok. I had the strength I needed.

20 weeks eventually arrived which happened to be right before Christmas. The test was performed and the Dr seemed pretty confident. However, we still needed another week before we knew the results… and then because apparently the world ceases to turn during Christmas and New year we then had to wait the best part of another week before we got the results back.

The night before we got the call, I heard Amazing Grace again on the TV and I had this overwhelming sense of calm. For the first time in ALL those weeks I felt calm, so much so that I went ahead and told our other 2 children that Mummy was having a baby. They had no idea.

Next day at lunch time I got the call. Everything was fine. The baby has not contracted the virus. “Unusual for this to happen, usually what mum gets, bub gets…..You must have someone looking after you my girl” were the exact words from my obstetrician. I will never forget those words as long as my feet are on the ground. To this day I don’t know how to describe the way I felt.

The next day I rang my Drs office back and asked the receptionist to grab my notes and more importantly the results from the CVS that was taken back at 12 weeks. I needed to know the sex of this baby as we had some serious bonding time to catch up on. I needed to know for myself. My husband didn’t want to know so this was another little thing I had to keep to myself… Can I go another couple of months not saying anything?….Absolutely.

“Another pink one” were her words. I cried and cried…… and cried. I always wanted 3 girls and after all this I truly did not care but I was being given what I always wanted. After all this.

A very short 16 weeks later, after 11 scans and I don’t even know how many blood tests we were blessed with the most perfect baby girl ever.


6lb10oz and 48cm long and just divine. She would still need to have sight and hearing tests for a year or two as she was exposed to the virus, but all the doctors seemed pretty confident she would be fine.

Of course she is fine. Completely fine… and turns 5 soon. She is a constant reminder to me not to ever sweat the small stuff.  The way my attitude changed after this experience was immense. Some things seriously just do not matter. Just love your kids, they are ALL a blessing.


The eternal victim…

January 28, 2015

287516We all know them. I’m pretty sure we all know that one person who just always has issues that are never their own problem. You know the ones…. The ones who go through friends like they are in a revolving door, the ones who have more problems than they could poke a stick at. The ones who are always poor me.

I’m not saying life doesn’t come along and present issues and dramas every now and then. Obviously there are things like kids, divorce, sickness, financial worries even deaths. These are things that are without doubt unavoidable…. Yet that one person will always have more problems than anyone else. So here is the question I pose to you… The eternal victim…. Why?

Why do you have no friends?… Is it that you don’t treat them very well? Why can’t you seem to find a workplace that you like?… Perhaps it’s not all the other colleagues….. Perhaps… It’s you. Why do you keep making bad choices?…. Learn your lesson and learn it well, so that next time you know better. Ever wonder why people have very little time for you?… Maybe it’s because you only ever contacted them when you wanted something or when it was to benefit you in some way? How did you get to be 30 years old, still blame everyone else for your problems and still not have a damn clue what the hell you are doing with your life?……… Any of this sound familiar to you or someone you know?

A little while ago, a friend was telling me about a colleague who was not liked very well, particularly by those who had worked with this person for quite some time. This person seemed lovely and had quite a bit of time for my friend yet I kept telling her there must be a reason why they are not well liked…. turned out this person eventually showed their true colours and a very valuable lesson was learnt. There is always two sides to a story.

So my advice to you, the eternal victim… the one who just has everything and everyone against them is this…Wake up to your frigin self.

  • Not everyone is against you. You may actually be quite surprised that people are very willing to help you, if you are not an arsehole.
  • If you keep having the same issue…. stop and take a good look at why. Go back over every one of the issues and ask yourself what is the lowest common denominator.
  • If you do not like something….. Change it. Nothing changes if nothing changes.
  • When things don’t go your way…. don’t be a sook. You’re a grown up now. Behave like one.
  • You do not know everything, nor are you always right. Accept this and move on. And really…… just grow up.
  • Here is a good one…. It is not all about you. You are not the most important person in the world and the world does not revolve around you and your needs.
  • Now, here is the best one of all. The one thing that might just save your stupid sorry arse…. Ready…… Treat people the way you would like to be treated.  It really is just that simple. If you wouldn’t like it if it happened to you….. don’t do it to someone else. Simple.

Taking all this into consideration, if you are fortunate enough to be educated and healthy then there really is nothing that you can’t do, fix or change. Life is too short to play poor me. You only get one go at it… make it work.


10 things I love about being Australian.

January 26, 2015


Happy Australia Day all my fellow Australians. Today there is only one thing I want to write about and that is the love I have for this awesome country of ours. There is obviously more than 10 things but these are my top picks. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

  1. Vegemite… and I don’t mean the pathetic, apologetic swipe some of you hover over your toast. Get it on there!veg
  2. Pavlova…the debate will continue to the end of time as to where this baby originated from but I tell you what… Cooked marshmallow, whipped cream, fruit… there is not one thing wrong here.

  3. Anzac Pride…The one day we stand side by side to honour our glorious dead. The Anzac spirit is something from within. It’s inbred into our psyche. It’s the way The Last Post will make a grown man tear up. It’s the way it hits you when you see an old Digger proudly wearing his medals. It’s the pride you feel when you see a Serviceman in official dress next to the Australian flag. It’s something that can not be taken from us.

  4. Down Under by Men at Work…. Every Australian loves it, especially when travelling overseas. I have a very distinct memory of being on a bus in Germany somewhere with this playing and being so damn proud I could have cried.

  5. The way we help each other… I’m not sure it is something that can be described well, but just think of bushfire season, or when it floods. It’s the country of extremes and we rise to the challenge every single time.

  6. Lamingtons…. Plain, with cream, with jam or if its a gourmet lamo – jam and cream. I don’t care how it is just get over here.

  7. The use of the term “Old Mate”… They don’t have to be old.. nor do they have to be your mate. If you’re referring to someone and you don’t know their name…. Old Mate it is.old mate
  8. The beach. It has been a very long time since I have been in the surf thanks to a rip I got caught in when I was a teenager that scared the shit out of me. Doesn’t stop my love for it though. There is nowhere better to sit and clear your mind.IMG_0396
  9. Sausage sizzle. Nowhere else in the world would this be acceptable as a meal. 1 sausage, 1 slice of white bread (do NOT use anything but white), your choice of sauce as long as it’s tomato or barbecue and if you’re feeling fancy maybe some onion. Eat and repeat. I must point out one thing…..The sausage MUST be on the diagonal. I once saw a bloke put the sausage straight across the bread and have wondered what kind of person he was ever since.


10……. This…


…..Enough said.