Bacon and zucchini slice.

July 20, 2015

image from Donna Hay

image from Donna Hay

So last week I said I was going to give you the heads up on a recipe or two that ties in with what’s on special at either Woolies or Coles. This week it’s shortcut bacon form the deli at Woolies for $9.90kg which is about $7 cheaper than normal. I find shortcut bacon much easier and saves mucking around cutting the rind and the fat off, therefore saving a bit of time and is probably that touch healthier for us all.

If you look at the “Odd Bunch” line of fruit and veggies you can pick up a bag of zucchinis for around $2. Also the great thing with this Donna Hay recipe is you can use up any old bread you’ve got lying around. This is great as it’s an easy dinner you put together and throw in the oven and serve with a nice salad, and because this is something the kiddies love any leftovers can go to school in their lunchbox. Enjoy! Click here for Donna’s recipe.

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