All new home range at Kmart!

August 4, 2015

I make no secret that I love Kmart.
I love the range of everything, and even more so.. I love the price.

Their range of homewares has been increasing in volume over the last 12 months quite dramatically and now I see there is even more and the stuff is AWESOME!!

We have been planning on renovating our house now for ages but we just can’t seem to agree on what to do so it has been put on hold yet again…However, every time I head into Kmart I end up buying stuff to put away for when I get my new kitchen/dining room/bedroom… and so on. Now, I have quite the collection of stuff waiting… now if we could just agree on the more boring things of what to put where structurally. (yawn)

If you haven’t been into Kmart recently.. head on in. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!
Wanna have a look first… check it out here.

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