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Movie Review…. Spy

May 29, 2015


Spy_New_Official_Poster_JPostersYesterday I was invited to see this movie with a group of my friends. I ummm’d and ahhhh’d over whether I actually wanted to see it because I wasn’t sure if I was up for another ‘silly’ movie but oh my god I am SO glad I did!

Melissa McCarthy nails the role of the unlikely spy trying to capture the bad guy (girl played by Rose Byrne) going ahead with a nuclear bomb deal. Jason Statham is absolutely hilarious in this and plays the role of the deadshit wannabe C.I.A agent to perfection. Jude Law is there for eye candy and not much else but still… worth a look!

If you liked Bridesmaids then you will like this also. At one point I had to race to the loo’s as I seriously thought I was going to be in trouble if I had another laughing outburst. Even on the way home from the movie I kept thinking about 2 words, ”Swedish Bitch”, and I was laughing again. Perfect movie for a girls night. Hilarious.

P.S….. There is a fair amount of swearing in this… However, If you’re one of my followers and know my work I think you will all be ok. 😉

Online shopping for dummies… Beauty products

May 19, 2015


The category of online beauty products is a huge one and one you could spend hours and hours searching through. Anything you are after you will find it somewhere, I will guarantee it. Even a little sample of something you found years back when overseas that you’ve never been able to find over here, you will find it online. Most of them offer a huge array of products and most of them are cheaper than what you will find in the shops, particularly if you scour the sales tabs.

If you have used the same skincare or make up for ages and you know what you like and what you normally pay for it in the shops then it would be worth jumping online to see if you can save yourself some coin.

  • is the largest beauty online store in SouthEast Asia and has most brands we know plus also ones that we haven’t seen over here. I am excited to be trying some new products from these guys shortly. They are also having a 35% off storewide sale starting tonight (19/05/15) at 7pm for 24 hours so it might be worthwhile seeing what you can grab for a bargain!
  • is an absolute giant. They have absolutely everything including huge fragrances lines and also great stuff for the home like candles, diffusers etc.
  • Sephora is a mecca for everything you need. I know of people who have spent hours inside a Sephora store. I personally couldn’t think of anything worse than being in the same space as a million other women all trying to bag a bargain and I would much rather do it from home. It’s always worth a look for all the new products coming in as well.
  • Adorebeauty is one I’ve not actually used before but it looks great. Easy to navigate (as some of these sites can be a little overwhelming) and they have a great range of organic and ethical products as well.
  • Last but not least, if you are a Thalgo girl or you have tried their products and never purchased them for it being a little too pricey then you will find Beautyonlineaustralia to be exactly what you need. I haven’t used Thalgo for years but this has tempted be back I must say!

Obviously, keep an eye on your shopping cart should you decide to do a little retail online therapy to be sure you don’t have a complete budget blowout and check their policies regarding returns, shipping etc.  Enjoy ladies!!  :)

Restaurant Review… Paymasters Cafe Newcastle.

May 8, 2015


Last saturday night while it was absolutely flogging down outside, I was cosy and warm sitting with a glass of Pinot Noir inside Paymasters Cafe, and I won’t lie, I was pretty bloody happy. Paymasters is a Newcastle icon, perfectly situated at the end of Foreshore Park on the other side of Customs House.

I have been going to Paymasters for years and every time I go there it is always perfect. When it came time to organise my husband’s 40th birthday last year it was the only place we thought of. Perfect for group bookings, with either a set menu or A la Carte available. What is so good about this, is that unlike other places where it is obviously just too much trouble, Paymasters will split bills. Not only split them but will give you an individual number for yourself or as a couple so there is no need for calculators or that awkward moment at the end of the evening when that one friend packs the shits because he had one less drink than you. This system is fantastic and really should be implemented by other establishments, but for some reason isn’t.

As for the food, it doesn’t matter what you are after you won’t be disappointed. The Autumn A la Carte Menu fits the season perfectly. The Garlic Prawns are legendary and are a stand out on their own, however last Saturday night my choice was the Baked Goats Cheese for entree, the Braised Lamb for main and of course dessert is a must so I went with the Eton Mess and oh my god…… seriously, the nicest thing I have eaten in quite a while. It’s not a difficult dessert… it’s only meringue, berries and cream but wow… absolute perfection. I want to go back again just to eat that alone! If you were to take the children with you for some reason, they are looked after as well with their very own special little Children’s Menu.

Legendary Garlic Prawns

Legendary Garlic Prawns. Photo courtesy of Paymasters gallery.

If you are thinking more about breakfast, the Weekend Menu is divine and I can personally vouch for the deep pan buttermilk pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. Soooo good!!!

Paymasters is still as good as ever and is perfect for anything from date night to a hens night. To contact them head to their website. You won’t be disappointed… I promise!


When you don’t have a royal baby.

May 6, 2015


Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few days, you will be well aware that we now have a new royal baby, and that Kate was in hospital for less than 12 hours. Doesn’t seem like a long time no, however, she would certainly not be going home to an average house. Well, I’m fairly sure it would not be anything like my house anyway.

Over the course of the last few days on Facebook I have seen quite a few women comparing themselves with Kate, in regard to how fantastic she looked when she was going home. So I thought I would just remind some of you about the differences between our lives. Her Royal Highness would be going home to have nannies, housekeepers, stylists and all kinds of shit that we certainly do not have. She would have had someone in the hospital to attend to her appearance making sure she looked spot on for when she was on parade for the waiting worlds media. She wouldn’t have to worry about sorting out older siblings in regard to getting them dressed, fed, bathed and so on, nor would she need to worry about preparing dinners and washing and everyfriginthing else that we need to do. Need I go on? I’m pretty sure I’ve made my point.

After I gave birth to my first daughter I fell asleep with my hand still on the spoon in the bowl of soggy cornflakes. After returning home from delivering my 3rd daughter I vividly remember crying on around day 3 as I still hadn’t had a shower since I came home. Sleep was far more important than hygiene until all of a sudden it wasn’t. I am sure poor Kate will go through all kinds of roller coaster emotions as well… she is only human after all. However, I think it is completely and utterly unreasonable to even try and compare our lives as mothers. Really, at the end of the day with all the shitloads of stuff we have to do every day I know who’s life I would rather. At least we don’t need to worry about walking out the front door looking like the absolute living dead and having it grace the front pages of magazines and newspapers worldwide.