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Thoughts on Indonesia

April 29, 2015

So you now obviously know that the ringleaders of the Bali 9 Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have been executed in Indonesia last night. My thoughts on this event are torn. It’s very easy to say “fuck em” and “they deserved it” and other such things as it is not us in this situation. I have learnt through personal experience you don’t know shit until you are in the situation, so to comment on how you would handle things is just plain old hot air. These men are someone’s sons, someone’s brothers, someone’s friends and yes they did the wrong thing. A very stupid thing. They got caught and as a result suffered the consequences of Indonesian law. The pain that these families would have to endure for the next 10 years would be unimaginable and it makes me extremely sad for them to have to go through all this because their boys made a stupid choice. As a parent I know my kids are far from perfect and to even think about this happening to them is heinous.

However, this is where the bleeding heart in me ends and the brain takes over. These boys knew what they were doing. Christ, they were the ringleaders… to make them out to be brave and noble is complete bullshit. How many lives do drugs ruin? How many families are completely torn apart by drugs? How many children live a less than average life because of drug addicted parents? How many parents cry themselves stupid because of drug addicted children? How many lives could have been affected if the drugs that these pair were carrying and co-ordinating had have made it to our shores. As parents are we not shit scared of what these drugs can do to our children? The though of it terrifies me to the very core.

These men knew their consequences yet chose to run the gauntlet. Yes, they have been rehabilitated. They had no choice really, 10 years with having nothing else much to do I guess they would be rehabilitated. I do not agree with leaving them there for that amount of time only to kill them in the end. I find that unacceptable. I also find it unacceptable to blame Tony Abbott or any of the Australian government for not doing more. I saw some 2 bit actor the other afternoon telling Tony Abbott to get some balls and intervene! Really? REALLY????? What exactly do you want him to do? Then we have the #boycottindonesia. What the fuck is that going to do? Yes the government is corrupt….. nothing new there. It’s not like it has only just happened in the last 10 years. What happens to the majority of good people in Indonesia if we boycott holidays and spending etc? What happens to them? What, then they suffer because of what two stupid Australians did 10 years ago and Australia has the shits with their country because we didn’t get our own way. This is not how the world works idiots. To suggest this is ludicrous.

Look, I don’t profess to have the answers to any of this and this is obviously just my own opinion. There will be those of you who disagree with me and that’s fine. I expect that, and like I said I don’t have the answers.. but what I do know is this. Nothing good will ever come from drugs. In this country or any other country. There are always consequences for your actions and hopefully people will have learnt a very valuable lesson. To the families of these men, my heart goes out to you. I hope to never know your pain.


Online shopping for the kiddies.

April 22, 2015


This week in my little series for online shopping for dummies we are visiting the kids stores. I find sizing in these ones pretty good as I know that can sometimes be a problem, make sure you do check their returns policy though. It can just be so hard with kids.

  • Charlie and Me. This is like Pumpkin Patch’s little sidekick. The website is the same layout and the clothes are the same quality but less expensive I find. They always have stuff on sale and if you’re organised enough, can pick up some great bargains for next season.
  • Next. I added Next to the women’s list last week and I will do it again for every other list I make as it is so good. Keep in mind they are a UK based company so their seasons are different to ours but you can still find great pieces.
  • Shred Groms. This one is for the little surfer groms out there. A local mum who has great quality pieces made with the distinct Shred logo. Very cute.
  • SurfStitch. Again for the little surfers of the world, or the ones who MUST have the brands. I’m not sure that it’s any cheaper than being in the actual stores but it is convenient and has a stack of brands.
  • Dollcake. I know this one because it’s only for the girls and I have 3 of them. Their stuff is divine. If you have a special occasion (think flower girl, baptism, special party) you MUST go have a look. Even if you don’t, go have a look anyway… It’s bloody beautiful.
  • River Island. You could be on this one for a while as it is for everyone but well worth the look.  Very on trend and I love the stuff aimed at the tweens. Awesome sales as well.
  • Two Little Kings is one for the littler kids, up to around size 6 for some things. It’s an American site so again there’s the season issue, but they have the most gorgeous harem pants that need to be looked at!

So there you have it, If you have any favourite ones make sure you post yours in the comments section below. Happy shopping my ladies. xx

Lemon drizzle cake.

April 19, 2015


This cake is so easy even the most unaccomplished person in the kitchen wouldn’t have a problem with it. It’s a recipe from Tana Ramsay (the prettier, more sedate of the Ramsays) and is sure to please everyone. It’s tangy but not over the top and yes it’s……moist. I hate the word too don’t worry. This is perfect for school lunches or perhaps just for you with a cup of English Breakfast for afternoon tea. I have even served this for dessert warmed up with a dollop of greek yoghurt. Perfect. Head over to the BBC Good Food website to check it out.

Mums on Blogs… Sara Carney

April 17, 2015

1. Who are you and what is the name of your Business?.
My name is Sara Carney and my business/blog is called Desert Lilly Vintage.
We offer a great collection of unique retro products for the bold and creative soul inside of all of us.
2. How long have your been blogging?
A little over 18 months
 3. What made you start your blog?
When I launched Desert Lily Vintage I wanted like minded people to feel connected and a little nostalgic about my two favourite eras, the 1970’s and 1980’s.
4. What do you love most about it?
Sharing my passion and connecting with other vintage and retro lovers.
 5. Any favourite online shops?
Net-a-porter for a window shop and a splurge.
eBay for all of my unique retro wardrobe that I can’t find from thrifting.
6. What is your one guilty pleasure?
A glass of SSB (wine)
7. The kids are in bed, the washing is done… What do you do now?
Kick my feet up on the couch and jump into the world of social media (oh the shame. lol)
 8. What is the one thing you can not go one day without?
A cup of English Breakfast tea.
9. Do you have a favourite person you follow on Instagram?
Hiliary Duff. She is a beautiful soul inside and out and takes the most stunning pictures.
10. Who inspires you?
Bob Marley without a doubt is a man that has fascinated and inspired me every since I was a little girl. 
Coming from humble beginnings and creating a better life for himself but by holding true to his own values and speaking his truth is a lesson I try and take into each day.
You can catch Sara here on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook 

Online Shopping for dummies.

April 13, 2015


So the other afternoon I was having a chat with a friend of mine and something came up about online shopping, to which she told me she had never done it before. She was an online virgin. To be honest I was shocked but it then got me thinking as to why not? What was holding her back? Her answer was quite simple… Where do I go? What shops are there? Again, I was shocked, but then I thought yep…. fair enough. A lot of us mums are so busy working and just getting all the other shit done that perhaps the whereabouts of all the best online shops are completely irrelevant to us when it is just so easy to grab what’s on sale at Target.

So, here comes my next mission. To bring you a little series of all the best places to head for online shopping. Womens clothing, mens clothing, stuff for the kids, home-wares, books, cosmetics, parties … anything!

First I’m starting with stuff for us… because… well,…we never do stuff for us. Womens clothing it is. Lets get to it.

  • My favourite is St. Frock. I love this stuff. Everything is on trend and very reasonably priced. They even give you the option to pre order items so you don’t miss out on there latest pieces.
  • Next is Next. Next is the High St. favourite from the UK. Their seasons are opposite to ours so you need to take that into consideration when shopping but still…. Their Spring.. Our Autumn… Meh.. Easily adaptable I think. Be warned though… the site is massive. You can lose yourself for a while here, especially if you wander over to the kids section. Pricing is great and it is all converted into AU dollars.
  • Then we have EzibuyThis one is great as they have regular sales and offer great discounts when you spend. The more you spend, the more you save. They also offer an awesome range of Plus Size clothing which is fantastic and what a load more of sites should be doing. You can also gain access to The Brand Store which offers you some of the bigger brands all on the one site.
  • The Iconic is fantastic and at the moment has a 50% off sale. They have new things added pretty much daily and I find is great for the tweens as well.
  • Then we’ve got Asos. Asos has everything. An awesome range of clothing from a million different brands but then there’s also a stack of accessories, even iPhone cases, little purses… heaps.  Again, this ones a biggy so make sure you’ve got some spare time.
  • I love Cocolatte. This one is super cheap and great for casual stuff. Also great for the tweens.
  • I also love Alibionline. This is another one that has great brands and great sales.
  • Or if you’ve got more money than sense me, you could head on over to Stylebop. It’s for the finer pieces for the fashionistas but seeing as though the majority of you are kind of like me… you’ll probably just scoff and giggle. But hey…. it’s nice to look at!

So there is a few of my favourites but here are a few things you need to check on first.  Check the shipping costs before you go nuts. Sometimes there’s a nasty little surprise at the end of the checkout process. Also, check on sizing and returns policies… Nothing worse than being stuck with something that doesn’t fit. Most places are pretty accommodating but it doesn’t hurt to just check first. And lastly, common sense should always prevail when using credit/debit cards.  If you have unlimited credit I would be a bit careful. I only ever use a debit card, but thats just me. Anywhere with Paypal is great. Just remember… If something looks dodgy… it probably is.

 So there you have it…. Go grab a coffee and a Tim Tam and have some fun. Next week I might tackle the world of the kiddies clothing stores.

Who do you think you are?

April 8, 2015

image courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

image courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

I have toyed with this post for a few days now, wondering do I put my 2 cents worth in or do I just leave it? Well, clearly I couldn’t leave well enough alone.

The organisers of the Reclaim Australia rally went to great lengths to inform people that racism would not be tolerated. This was a rally to reclaim the Australia that we “used” to be. A rally to try to and encourage our Muslim friends to embrace our values and our way of life rather than the other way around. Yet, it wasn’t the Reclaim rally that ended in tears, it was the opposing Anti-Racism rally. These people just ended up looking like complete misinformed fools. If these idiots had have done their research they would have discovered that this was not a racism debate at all. It was just a simple question really… Of Why??? Why do we need to change our values and the things that we hold dear? Whether you are religious or not the fact remains that Australia is a Christian country. We do not need to change anything to please anyone else. Simple… Yes?

In a society where it is becoming more and more difficult to speak your mind in fear of offending someone, I actually admire the people who are speaking out to say ENOUGH!!!. Enough of trying to change us!!!! Yet of course these words are then turned around to make it look like we are all racists. It is just simply not true. The best article I have read concerning all this bullshit was a piece in the Cairns Post called Reclaim Australia rallies expose the real bigots in our midst. It is superbly written and truly does put some people in their places. I actually could have clapped as I read along. My opinion only of course, and I’m sure not everyone will agree with me… I don’t care.  Which now brings me to what really pisses me off.

The stupid arseholes who think it is ok to burn the Australian flag. You pathetic excuse for a human being. What the hell gives you the right to desecrate our flag just to give you a bit of attention. You are despicable. Men and women gave their lives serving under that flag just so you little fucks have the opportunity to live your lives in the most beautiful country in the world. Of course you probably think that you are hard done by because the world isn’t handing you everything you always wanted on a silver platter, but if you were half as smart as what you think you are you would understand you have it pretty good.

You owe the Australian people an apology. Even more so you owe our Diggers an apology. You go to a Dawn Service this year and listen to these remarkable people speak and then explain to them why YOU think it’s ok to destroy our flag because you THINK some people are racist.

Unfortunately (and I still can not understand the reason why) it is not against the law to burn our flag. However, I believe your punishment should be to walk the Kakoda trail…. Let’s see how big and tough you are then.  Shitbags.

The simple things..

April 1, 2015

photo-1425413374711-ca3fb214e9d8You know how when you become a grown up you learn to appreciate the more simple things in life?….I thought I might just share with you 10 things that I take notice of to make you feel a little more appreciative of your life. I mean, obviously your kids and family are your first but they are the big things… I’m talking more little things that we sometimes forget about.

  1. A good coffee. Mine is always at around 9am once the kiddies have been dropped at school and then again usually (depending on what kind of day it’s been) I will go again at 3.30 to wake me up.
  2. Hot showers. Nothing quite like it is there? I could stand there forever sometimes. It is also where I do my quality thinking. Not sure why but I’m sure I’m not alone.
  3. A cool breeze. I don’t even care if it hasn’t been that hot. I always welcome a cool breeze of any description.
  4. Toast. It’s not something I normally eat for reasons I’m not quite sure of but geez it’s good isn’t it. Vegemite, pb, avocado, jam… which then brings me to my next one….
  5. Jam. I’m sure not everyone shares my jam fetish but I love the stuff. Any flavour.. just make it a good quality one. I’ve been known to eat it from the jar with a spoon… Nutella style.
  6. Flowers. Like the saying goes.. “stop and smell the roses”. You really should. Not just roses obviously…. flowers are incredible. Nature did pretty good there.
  7. The ability to hold a good conversation. This.. I believe is a talent. There are a lot of people who can’t do it. If you’re good at it… appreciate it.
  8. A good pair of jeans. Sometimes (ok a LOT of times) these suckers are hard to come by. Once you find them… buy 3 pairs. My pick.. Lee Cooper at Big W. That’s right.. Big dub. You won’t be sorry.
  9. Tea. A good cup of tea will soothe any problem. It won’t cure cancer, It won’t ease financial strains but somehow it will make you feel a teeny bit better about things. Lemon and ginger when the tummy is unhappy and Twinings english breakfast to make the world good again.
  10. Bed. I don’t need to explain this one, it goes without saying. How good is your own bed?

See, it is just the little things.

Feel free to let me know about your simple little things. xx