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Instant tan.

January 29, 2015

tanIf you are anything like me, you may have a few areas of your body that aren’t so great. Well, I have quite a few to be honest and I don’t really care that much, however, I do have a saying that tanned fat is easier on the eye than white fat.  Agree? Now, usually I am one to have a spray tan done and leave it to someone who knows what they are doing. Back in my younger days I attempted a self tanner and ended up looking like a half arsed streaky oompa loompa. So when I came across this product I thought I wonder if I’m grown up enough now to attempt this again. ModelCo is a bit of a favourite of mine in regard to other products so I thought this has to be alright… Having said that… I was a bit hesitant.

Turns out, I had no reason to be. Soooooo easy. The colour is perfect, not the slightest tinge of orange to be seen. It is easy as to apply, rubbing into the skin rather than sitting on top of it. The  funky stench that most tans have is non existent with this one, leaving you with a pleasant coconutty summery smell. It gives an instant glow making it perfect for a night out and it develops gently within 6-8 hours. When I say gently I mean you don’t go black before it’s time to get in the shower. You still look very human and can easily duck to the shops without feeling self conscious.

Obviously, I am not going to recommend anything to you that is rubbish or super expensive. This product is awesome and what makes it even more so is you can grab it from Woolies for around $15. Give it a try!

The eternal victim…

January 28, 2015

287516We all know them. I’m pretty sure we all know that one person who just always has issues that are never their own problem. You know the ones…. The ones who go through friends like they are in a revolving door, the ones who have more problems than they could poke a stick at. The ones who are always poor me.

I’m not saying life doesn’t come along and present issues and dramas every now and then. Obviously there are things like kids, divorce, sickness, financial worries even deaths. These are things that are without doubt unavoidable…. Yet that one person will always have more problems than anyone else. So here is the question I pose to you… The eternal victim…. Why?

Why do you have no friends?… Is it that you don’t treat them very well? Why can’t you seem to find a workplace that you like?… Perhaps it’s not all the other colleagues….. Perhaps… It’s you. Why do you keep making bad choices?…. Learn your lesson and learn it well, so that next time you know better. Ever wonder why people have very little time for you?… Maybe it’s because you only ever contacted them when you wanted something or when it was to benefit you in some way? How did you get to be 30 years old, still blame everyone else for your problems and still not have a damn clue what the hell you are doing with your life?……… Any of this sound familiar to you or someone you know?

A little while ago, a friend was telling me about a colleague who was not liked very well, particularly by those who had worked with this person for quite some time. This person seemed lovely and had quite a bit of time for my friend yet I kept telling her there must be a reason why they are not well liked…. turned out this person eventually showed their true colours and a very valuable lesson was learnt. There is always two sides to a story.

So my advice to you, the eternal victim… the one who just has everything and everyone against them is this…Wake up to your frigin self.

  • Not everyone is against you. You may actually be quite surprised that people are very willing to help you, if you are not an arsehole.
  • If you keep having the same issue…. stop and take a good look at why. Go back over every one of the issues and ask yourself what is the lowest common denominator.
  • If you do not like something….. Change it. Nothing changes if nothing changes.
  • When things don’t go your way…. don’t be a sook. You’re a grown up now. Behave like one.
  • You do not know everything, nor are you always right. Accept this and move on. And really…… just grow up.
  • Here is a good one…. It is not all about you. You are not the most important person in the world and the world does not revolve around you and your needs.
  • Now, here is the best one of all. The one thing that might just save your stupid sorry arse…. Ready…… Treat people the way you would like to be treated.  It really is just that simple. If you wouldn’t like it if it happened to you….. don’t do it to someone else. Simple.

Taking all this into consideration, if you are fortunate enough to be educated and healthy then there really is nothing that you can’t do, fix or change. Life is too short to play poor me. You only get one go at it… make it work.


10 things I love about being Australian.

January 26, 2015


Happy Australia Day all my fellow Australians. Today there is only one thing I want to write about and that is the love I have for this awesome country of ours. There is obviously more than 10 things but these are my top picks. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

  1. Vegemite… and I don’t mean the pathetic, apologetic swipe some of you hover over your toast. Get it on there!veg
  2. Pavlova…the debate will continue to the end of time as to where this baby originated from but I tell you what… Cooked marshmallow, whipped cream, fruit… there is not one thing wrong here.

  3. Anzac Pride…The one day we stand side by side to honour our glorious dead. The Anzac spirit is something from within. It’s inbred into our psyche. It’s the way The Last Post will make a grown man tear up. It’s the way it hits you when you see an old Digger proudly wearing his medals. It’s the pride you feel when you see a Serviceman in official dress next to the Australian flag. It’s something that can not be taken from us.

  4. Down Under by Men at Work…. Every Australian loves it, especially when travelling overseas. I have a very distinct memory of being on a bus in Germany somewhere with this playing and being so damn proud I could have cried.

  5. The way we help each other… I’m not sure it is something that can be described well, but just think of bushfire season, or when it floods. It’s the country of extremes and we rise to the challenge every single time.

  6. Lamingtons…. Plain, with cream, with jam or if its a gourmet lamo – jam and cream. I don’t care how it is just get over here.

  7. The use of the term “Old Mate”… They don’t have to be old.. nor do they have to be your mate. If you’re referring to someone and you don’t know their name…. Old Mate it is.old mate
  8. The beach. It has been a very long time since I have been in the surf thanks to a rip I got caught in when I was a teenager that scared the shit out of me. Doesn’t stop my love for it though. There is nowhere better to sit and clear your mind.IMG_0396
  9. Sausage sizzle. Nowhere else in the world would this be acceptable as a meal. 1 sausage, 1 slice of white bread (do NOT use anything but white), your choice of sauce as long as it’s tomato or barbecue and if you’re feeling fancy maybe some onion. Eat and repeat. I must point out one thing…..The sausage MUST be on the diagonal. I once saw a bloke put the sausage straight across the bread and have wondered what kind of person he was ever since.


10……. This…


…..Enough said.

D.I.Y Bookcase.

January 20, 2015


Well, I am giving myself a pat on the back. You see, I have wanted to do this bookcase for quite a while and these holidays I finally had the time to get it done. The last time I did anything diy was a set of drawers while I was pregnant with our first baby… who is now 11.

I wanted a white bookcase for my little hallway and went looking about 2 years back. Every one I looked at that I actually liked was heading up around the $600 mark, and I was just not going to pay that much just for a bookcase to be filled up with kids shit.


The bookcase was in pretty good nick, a few scratches here and there but for $150 I’m not complaining.

So my husband went searching on eBay, as that is where he spends most of his free time anyway, and found this one for $150. Perfect, it has enough display space and enough room for kids puzzles and board games and other crap that could be thrown in and shut the doors.

So last week I set about sanding and undercoating and painting and styling and this is what I came up with. Instead of paying 600 this ended up costing about 220, and I’m pretty happy with myself!

Little bit of effort and I'm a happy girl!

Little bit of effort and I’m a happy girl!

The overused word…

January 16, 2015

shitWhat do you think is the most used word in your household? Obviously there’s muuuuum, and the word no.. but I’m pretty sure the word shit has got to be up there with the most used word in my house.

Yesterday I took notice of just how many times I said shit, and in what context.  It’s such a versatile word you know, and yet I’m fairly sure I never said it once for what the word is actually intended. So, here’s a short summary of exactly how it was used yesterday, and beside it what I should have actually said if I wasn’t such a bogan.

  • Turn that shit down……Turn the tv down please.
  • Clean that shit up…….. Can you please tidy up your mess.
  • I’ve got shit to do man…… I can’t do that with you now honey, I have too much to do.
  • What’s this shit?…… Can you please tell me what this is?
  • I am about to lose my shit with you…. Middle daughter, you are pissi annoying me honey.
  • Look how much shit there is….. There is far too much Lego on the floor.
  • HOLY SHIT!……. I do not want to spend $100 on a candle no matter how much I like it.
  • Oh for the love of shit….. Traffic lights , seriously, I have been here for a long time.
  • I look like a sack of shit….. Oh wow, this dress I’ve just tried on isn’t very flattering.
  • More money spent on shit….. Geez, KFC is expensive these days.
  • Put this shit away……. Can you please put away your swimmers and towel.
  • This coleslaw is shit…..This coleslaw is not great tasting.
  • Stop being a little shit….. Please stop being naughty.
  • My God you girls have eaten some shit…. We really should stop eating so much “holiday” food.
  • Oh shit… Wow, that was a big sneeze.
  • Oh shit…. Whoops.. I almost tripped up the front step.
  • Oh shit… Hahaha, that gentleman on Wipeout almost broke his neck. Gee I hope he is ok.

Now I am certain that there were more times the word slipped under the radar and none of this includes the amount of times I said the word “bullshit”.

Maybe I should get some help.



About your hair…

January 15, 2015

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetDuring the summer months when everyone is on chill mode it’s easy enough for hair to be let go, thinking.. meh, I’ll wash it tomorrow. Well I will come clean to all of you busy mums…that’s me all the time. I HATE washing my hair, for no real reason only than just because I do. In comes the most used product other than mascara in my bathroom vanity. Dry shampoo. I have used quite a few in my time but the Batiste brand is the one I like the most. It comes in a heap of fragrances but this coconut one is perfect for summer, and at around only $12 from your local Coles or Woolies it’s even better!

Tip for using: Hold sections of your hair up and spray about 20 cm away from the roots… any closer and you will have grey hair I will guarantee it. Once you have sprayed all the desired parts, tip your head over and run your fingers through it and give it a good shake. (awesome volumising technique too, even if your hair isn’t dirty)

Obviously it is not meant to replace normal shampooing, but just for those times when we are all just too busy and can’t be bothered it’s perfect. You’re welcome.


Just a little reminder.

January 13, 2015

2015On New Years Eve I posted this little verse and I have decided that every now and then I am going to re post it just as a gentle little reminder. Sometimes you get busy, and things slip through the cracks and before you know it you are putting up with shit from someone you shouldn’t be!

Today I have had a slight whinge on Facebook about a certain someone as it is funny that they can go on Facebook and do stuff yet can’t reply to a Facebook message? Funny how we will hear from them when they need something though right? They are everywhere…. I’m not the only one that has them but from now on… I’m done with peoples shitness.

About this..

January 7, 2015


Well 2015 is well underway and I’m sure you are all going about your business with your children. Whether you are away on holidays or if you are like me , just enjoying the harmonious sounds of your children getting along and not fighting AT ALL!!.. (Obviously that’s a joke…as if that ever happens)

But I don’t want to talk about children. I want to talk about us… The Mums. The above image is what I want to bring to your attention. I am around A LOT of women…all from different circles but there is one thing I have noticed a lot of last year – Women just existing to do shit for everyone else. You know it…. You do it all the time.

So…. what I suggest is… It’s time for us to do something that we have wanted to do for the longest time, that for some reason has been put on the back burner. Women…… It’s time. It’s time to do it. Whether it be to do a course in something, to tackle that 10kgs that has been pissing you off,  to tackle the spare room that is a shitfight, tackle the DIY project thats been sitting there for 12 months, tackle the pantry so it looks like the one on Pinterest that you have had your eye on. I don’t care what it is but it’s time to do it, and this is the year it has to be done.

Last year I started this blog…. This year, I’m going to be doing a whole lot more with different reviews, more easy recipes and just things in general I like to share and obviously me mouthing off every now and then as well. I have gotten a feel for it over the last 6 months and I know I can do more with it now…. So there is my thing I’m going to tackle. And conquer.

Just one more thing…. Help another woman out. Don’t hang shit on her because she does things different to you. I’ve said it before and I will no doubt say it again…. We are all trying to do the same job. So how about we start giving others a bit of a hand. I will guarantee you will feel far more awesome about being nice to someone than being awful to them.

It’s time people… GO TACKLE!!!…. and I want to hear from you when you conquer!