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Loving this book.

December 31, 2014


I spent the day after Boxing Day lying on my lounge watching tv feeling particularly dusty from indulging in FAR too many vodka, lime and sodas the day before. As shitty as I might have felt I’m glad I did. While in my semi comatose state I came across the Save With Jamie series on Lifestyle Food. It struck a bit of a chord with me because I, like many of you, feel like I am constantly throwing food away. And I hate it. I am always at my girls to eat what they have got and don’t you dare throw away half that apple, yet here I am throwing mainly fruit and veggies away all the time.

I didn’t get to see the whole series as I was drifting in and out of consciousness , but I did think I need to get that book… So I did. What’s more… I LOVE IT! It’s all about using everything in the fridge… Making a massive meal with big cuts of meat and then what to do with the leftovers. There is a huge section on what to do with all the veg that ends up a bit dodgey in the fridge drawer and that is what has appealed to me the most. It’s about being more economical and less wasteful. Things like Vegie Korma with cauliflower pilau, Squash (butternut pumpkin to us) and spinach rotolo and Charred Asian salad. Perfect.

You know how you get a cookbook and you flick through it and it all looks awesome but yet you have a sneaking suspicion you will be lucky if you cook perhaps 10 things out of it? I have cupboards full of those books. This one will not be one of them. There are 2 things that I know right now I wouldn’t cook, but as for everything else… no problem….. and even the kids will eat it. Done. Nice work Jamie!


The only resolutions you need.

December 30, 2014


Are you one to make New Years resolutions?

Must lose weight…. Must get fit… Must save more money… Must make more of an effort with certain people… blah, blah, blah…

I’ve come up with 6 CHANGES. Not resolutions… CHANGES.

These are things that need addressing in my own life, not sure if it will benefit you as well but hey… I need to change some shit.

  1. Just eat better. I’m not one anymore for no carbs and high protein and no fruit after 10 in the morning etc…. I just need to eat better full stop. and drink more water…lots more.
  2. I will start setting myself goals. Not weight loss goals or saving money goals… just shit that needs to be done by the end of the day/week/month type goals. I’m the cruisiest person in the world but I need a little direction at times.
  3. I will start saying “NO” a little more often. I mean, my children get told no all the time, I mean I’m going to say no to other people. I’m almost 38… If I don’t want to go somewhere… then…. NO. Don’t feel bad about it… Give yourself a break.
  4. I’m going to start putting away $50 a month to buy something for me. Even if I don’t really neeeeeed anything… Bugger it… I deserve it and I’m going to buy it. It might be a new candle or room spray or even just cleanser… I don’t give a shit… I’m just sick of buying everyone else stuff.
  5. I will no longer try to get you to like me. Because really, if you don’t like me by now you never will and I’m done with trying.
  6. Lastly, I need more time with my husband. I’m sure we all feel like single mums quite often and for the most part it can’t be helped. Life is busy. My husband and I communicate by phone FAR more that speaking in person.. I don’t really care for this anymore.

So there you have it… I imagine that many of us are all in the same boat. Trying to keep everyone happy and worrying about ourselves last..  Time to re-adjust some things I think.

If nothing changes….nothing changes.

December 28 1989.

December 28, 2014

photo credit Newcastle City Council

photo credit Newcastle City Council

It is a date etched in every Novocastrians mind. The day the earth shook 5.5 on the Richter Scale. The day that we lost 13 lives, patients from Newcastle hospital ended up being evacuated onto the beach and Newcastle Workers Club was in ruins. Footage from the NBN interview concerning the buses was beamed all over the world as it captured the moments the quake hit.

I was almost 13 that day and like pretty much everyone else I remember very vividly where I was when it hit. At the time my parents owned a very busy convenience store and I had gone to the wholesalers warehouse with my mum to replace stock that had been wiped out over the Christmas period. So……. massive warehouse with loads of things stacked high on shelves everywhere. Yep. The higher they are stacked the further they fall!

At first I thought a truck had hit the side of the building, as there was a huge bang and then there were sparks starting to fly out of the freezer doors. This can’t be a truck…. the ground is moving… Oh Shit!!! The ground is moving!!!! I looked at my mum who was a fair bit ahead of me and she was running back towards me to grab me but as she started to make her way back a massive big box fell from one of those shelves and landed right between the pair of us. So instead she just screamed RUN!!!!

So I did. I ran, trying to dodge all kinds of shit that was falling from everywhere, along with everyone else in the building trying to escape through the ONE door! Once everyone was outside in the carpark you could still see the ground moving in like a wave formation. I think thats the first moment (that I remember anyway) when I actually thought…. What the fuck just happened? Looking around to the adults faces… as you do when you’re a kid… It was pretty clear they were all thinking the exact same thing. I then see a lady with blood coming from the side of her face who had been hit by something falling, really quite scary. No power, no phones… no nothing…. complete calm. The weirdest sound I’ve ever heard. Complete silence in a place that is usually quite noisy…. Nothing.

Remember also, back then there was no mobile phones… No Facebook to go to to find out what is going on. No twitter, no text messages… again… nothing. Then you started to hear sounds. Sirens. What seemed like hundreds of them.

Once we had left the warehouse and out on the highway it was mayhem. Emergency vehicles everywhere… traffic lights down and a road full of people obviously wanting to get home and check on their families, pets, homes etc….

Funny thing though.. When we got home my dad said he knew something weird was going to happen as we had a cat that for the minutes before the quake hit, just went NUTS! Weird how animals have that sixth sense. Thankfully everything back at our house (apart from the weirded out cat) was completely fine.

So that was 25 years ago today. Hard to believe isn’t it?

The city of Newcastle obviously recovered, and for places that were hardest hit (Workers Club, The Kent, ChristChurch Cathedral) they took a while to bounce back but they looked better than ever once they did. As for the people of Newcastle……we are a different breed I think. Built that little bit tougher than your average Aussie.

To the families of the victims… our thoughts are with you today. You lost something that can not be replaced.


When mums let loose..

December 24, 2014


So this time of year is hectic.  HEC – TIC. We all have so much to do in regard to just Christmas alone but then there’s also the end of year presentations for the kids at school/sporting activities, work parties, husbands work parties and so on. It seems it is just one thing after another, going from place to place seeing this group of people and that group of people..Some you know.. some you don’t. Just trying to be polite to all those who you have met before but for the life of you can NOT remember their name…Relentless. Exhausting. Everyone is tired, stressed, worn out, freaking out about where all the money is going… you know what I mean.

A few nights back I attended yet another Christmas party, only this time it was with people that I know and am more than happy to spend my time with. It was then that I realised how nice it is to see mums let loose. Mums who all year have travelled here and there for their children…spent countless hours waiting for them, watching them, frantically making sure everything was done so they had enough time to grab a quick coffee in between drop offs. As mums we do so much that others just don’t think about. How does all this shit get done if not for us? I came across this little funny the other week and thought it was just so true.

photo The same applies for Christmas. We get the presents sorted, paid for (how I do not know), wrapped perfectly making sure that the parents paper and gift cards do not match any of Santas paper and gift cards, (my kids are all over that!), figure out what everyone will be eating for THEIR special magical Christmas lunch, plan it, go buy the food along with 50,000 other crazy ladies, make sure this one is catered for because she won’t eat prawns and  hewonteatporkandshewonteatcustardand… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! ………….and who worries about us? ………. Anyone? ………………. Anyone?

My point is… It is our Christmas too after all. It was just nice the other night to see mums just having a good time with their kids and the other mums collectively. It is the end of yet another year and it is time to be grateful for what we have in our lives. So mums… give yourselves a pat on the back and have some patience for all the other mums who are out there doing exactly the same as you. We are all in it together trying to achieve the same thing.

We are all pretty awesome you know.

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful families. xx

What is happening?

December 17, 2014

courtesy of

courtesy of

On Monday this week on MOAA Facebook page I opened up the week with a quote saying “Good Morning Monday, Have a nice week”. Hmmm, little did anyone know it wasn’t to be. Only 2 hours later we would be glued to our screens, whether they be televisions, phones, tablets or computers hoping and praying that what were seeing wasn’t real. If it was real could it please just end nicely and let us imagine for a minute that this isn’t happening in our beautiful part of the world.

Sadly, it wasn’t so. Indeed it was real and it was happening right in front of us.  Martin Place Sydney.  Not the U.S.  Not the Middle East.  Sydney.  Hard to imagine isn’t it? Ducking in to grab a quick coffee on the way to work, or before you tackle the Christmas shopping and have that happen to you. People just going about their business and then that. I can’t even imagine.

I’m not equipped to be offering any kind of opinion as to why this lunatic feels the need to make his point in such a manner, nor am I going to offer anything on how extremism has no place in our society… we all know that… What I will say is that I am so totally disappointed in our justice system. Who the hell is making these laws regarding bail, parole and who gets a slap on the wrist and who doesn’t?

We hear it all the time. Out on bail, on parole, so many hours of community service, some piss poor fine when the bastards should be locked up. This is just not good enough.

I will however offer my opinion on this matter. It may seem extremely right wing conservative but I couldn’t give a shit. What I will point out before I begin is this has nothing to do with race, religion or anything of anyone else’s belief system. I will never have a problem with what others choose to believe in, as I have a very strong beliefs myself. This is me having my say over the way some things are carried out in our country.

If we have an Iranian refugee who is granted a life in our beautiful country who is in trouble with the law only a few short years later then why the hell is he allowed to stay? I know there are laws protecting asylum seekers and that is fair enough…. I understand this…but what I do not understand is how, when he has a wrap sheet a mile long does he somehow, not only manage to abuse his refugee status but then “slip through the cracks” of the authorities.

To me “slipping through the cracks” means that we are unaware of him, He wasn’t on our radar. This is bullshit… He was very much on our radar. Letters sent to Diggers families should have been enough to have his status revoked. Yet no, he was given a tiny bullshit sized slap on the wrist. Then after that we have countless sexual assault charges and accessory to the atrocious murder of his ex wife. Yet STILL he is allowed to wander our streets. Not only that but the woman who was responsible for the murder is out on bail. HOW??????

Cast your mind back to the Jill Meagher case. The outrage that occured  when we learnt that the maggot responsible for her murder was indeed out on parole. We were disgusted. Whats been done?

So my question to our justice system and the bleeding hearts of the world is this… DO WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION NOW? CAN YOU SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN SOCIETY BECAUSE OF YOUR FUCKING STUPID LAWS? The criminal justice system is meant to keep us safe by putting away those who are intent on doing us harm. You are failing. Miserably. It seems the laws are there to protect the criminals not the victims.

Enough.  Just enough. We are Australian citizens and we ALL deserve better. Not just the minorities…. ALL of us.



Just to make you think.

December 12, 2014

So this post is to do nothing except make you think about something… The smell of your youth. You know what I mean.. The smell of certain things which transport you back in time.. To a certain place, a certain person or even a particular day.


Recently I went to the Gold Coast for a quick trip and whilst there I visited my grandmother. She is getting older, but is still as sharp as a tack. As soon as I walked into her house I got hit with the smell of her home, which to me.. makes me feel at home. Its not mothbally or anything like that… It’s just the smell of her home. If comfortable had a smell this would be it. It instantly made me think of all the things as children we remember about our parents/grandparents just associated with something as simple as the way things smell.

My grandmother has worn the same perfume for pretty much most of my life. White Diamonds – I can walk past any lady at any time and know that smell. Even my middle daughter said the other morning… “I can’t wait to get in the car” when I asked why she simply replied with “cause it will smell like Big Nan”. I smiled on the inside and out.

It’s just the little things which can bring back the most simple of happy memories. I smell white pepper and I think of my Nans pantry. The taste of nutmeg and I’m at her house eating baked rice pudding. The smell of lamb cooking and I’m at my paternal grandmothers house on a Sunday, or the smell of gardenias and I’m at her house at Christmas time.

There are loads of things to make you remember certain times but geez the sense of smell is powerful. Just thought I’d make you think about it.

Feel free to share what smells remind you of things… I’d love to hear it!



What a load of shit.. Part 2.

December 8, 2014


Well last week we had some Greens senator telling us to boycott girls toys this Christmas as they contribute to all kinds of bullshit, which in case you missed my thoughts on that, you can read that here. This week it seems some idiot has decided it to be much “safer” for children to stand beside Santa and for them to not sit on his lap for the annual Santa photo. Safer for who? Safer for Santa to not have a squirming child sit on his lap and wrinkle his suit? Safer for the child as we wouldn’t want Santa to actually touch the child.

Funny thing is… not every man who dons the Santa suit for 4 weeks a year is out to cause any harm. Those fellas have to go through all kinds of security and background checks before they are allowed anywhere near the kiddies.

I need to know just one thing… Who are these people?  Who are these people who seem so intent on ruining any form of fun or tradition for the kids? More importantly, why do we give them the time of day… let alone media coverage? In my opinion, the sooner we ignore these losers the sooner they will just shut up. Surely.

Has the world we live in become so bad that now we just deny our children of anything which might make them happy? It seems fun is not to be had… It simply is just far too dangerous. We take away old school swing sets/slippery dips from any council parks because heaven forbid a child might hurt themselves. My God I remember when I was a kid there was this massive swing that you could fit like 2,000 kids on and have one kid stand on either end and push back and forth till the swing almost came out of its footings. (Those from my local area and are my age or older will know exactly what I’m talking about). Imagine having that thing around these days? Parents would have a heart attack! You know what though… Man we had fun. Loads of it. We are all still alive.

We even had Santa photos taken every year. Some of us screamed ourselves nuts and cursed at our parents for making us do it, some of us actually enjoyed the experience and told the great man what we wanted for presents. Again, we are all still alive.

Let the kids sit on his damn lap and honestly, whoever you “fun police” actually are… Stop being such wankers.

What will next week bring I wonder?


What a load of shit.

December 2, 2014


This morning I have woken to read that The Greens want us to boycott buying items such as Barbie dolls, jewellery and “girly” things for our girls this Christmas as it can lead to issues such as gender inequality, pay inequality or even domestic violence.

I’ll be honest with you…. I am sitting here at my computer trying to think of something to write about this but I just don’t think I can. I have never heard of anything SO ridiculous in my life. Greens….. Who are you anyway?…. Oh, thats right… You are a pack of idiots who think you’re doing a good job when all you are doing is creating more and more bullshit to feed the media.

How exactly does buying a little girl a Barbie doll at any time set her up for a lifetime of inequality? She is playing with a doll. It is just that simple. The same way I played with a doll and my mother played with a doll and my grandmother may not have played with a Barbie but it would have been a doll of some description. We are all ok. We have not been subject to violence or been told we can’t do something because we are girls and we played with dolls in our youth!

Yes, there is a difference in some jobs as far as pay goes and I hate this. If you have a woman doing exactly the same job as a man then why is she payed differently? This issue is crazy and needs to be addressed by the Government…..not Barbie.

Does the same thing go for boys as well? Are they now not encouraged to play with cars and trucks because they might go out when they are older and think the road belongs to only them?  Do we next stop buying our children gender specific clothes? Do we then dress them in the one uniform for school? I mean really… When does this shit end?

Here’s one thing I know for sure though… Senator Larissa Waters… I won’t ever want to see you wearing a dress and high heels or even (gasp) …… make up.