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Best Stores for Trendy Kids Clothing

May 26, 2014

Boutique: Carrying Shopping Bags Through BoutiqueI then had every intention of attacking wardrobes, then I had a look inside them and decided to go get a coffee instead. There truly has to be a limit of how much crap one can throw out on any given weekend. Instead I have chosen to pace myself. Next will be the pantry. I long to be one of those mums that has everything completely organised, even having everything sorted into shiny jars and containers, but I’m not.

I see pantries on Pinterest and think to myself how lovely that would be, but then wonder exactly how long they stay looking so neat. Would last about 10 minutes in my house. Last time I did a clean out I’m pretty sure we had 15 half open bags of salt and vinegar chips and about 7 different brands of chilli sauce. Ridiculous.

Once the pantry is done I will work myself up for the children’s wardrobes. The thing is once they have been cleaned out they are usually depressingly empty which then means they need to be replenished. Obviously the smaller ones get a decent amount of hand me downs, but even then I sometimes feel a bit slack that the eldest gets new stuff and they don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, they get their fair share of new things but it goes without saying that being the eldest has it’s advantages. Being that she is now in that ridiculously awful “tween” stage means shopping for her is becoming increasingly difficult as she is developing her own sense of style. Of course you’ve got your basic Big W… Should point out that their Lee Cooper range is pretty cool, K Mart and Target stuff (as much as I love you Target, sometimes I baulk at your prices) but then sometimes it’s nice to get some other stuff from the “grown up ” places.

Being that she is a “tween” it’s made easier that she fits the smaller adult sizes. Suprè makes for a good stop as does SES. I LOVE SES. $150 the other night and we left with 2 whopping big bagfuls. Should keep her happy for a while.

For a lot of other things I choose to jump online. I’ll be honest, I’d much rather sit down with a coffee in one hand and my iPad in the other than negotiate clothing racks and other people being all up in my own personal space. Also having the amount you’ve already spent staring at you in the top right hand corner is rather helpful as you can keep track of things rather than having the amount dumped on you at the checkouts.
For clothing and shoes here are some of my faves (Is like pumpkin patch’s little brother and cheaper too!) (Discounts on checking out.) (Free shipping now to Australia.) (Something a little more funky.)

For special occasions for little girls.. Weddings, Baptisms/Communion, anything uber fancy or gorgeous little headbands/hair accessories.

Even for linen if you fancy something other than what the major stores offer, (Great discounts on loads of brands) (Amazing stuff for the older kids, currently with 20% off!)

And if you feel like having a wee browse for the home, right now I’m loving The twins from The Block (always my favourites) have beautiful things It’s like Pottery Barn for us.

So there you go, some of my go to websites for purchasing or even just for a bit of inspiration. Now, all you need to do is go put your feet up and have a look around. The washing will wait.

Til next week stay sane 😉
Jac x

Some Home Truths This Mother’s Day

May 12, 2014


Well, It’s Mothers Day and everything is supposed to be wonderful… Right?… Hmmmmmm…

It IS wonderful… Night-time cuddles, falling asleep with their head on your lap, kids in winter pjs after they’ve just had a bath, funny little things that they say and do, playing games with them, listening to them sing when they don’t know the words, when they don’t fight… Yeah ok, that one doesn’t happen very often, but you get where I’m going.

It’s a hard job isn’t it? This raising children thing. Much harder than I had anticipated. Before I was a mum I had it all figured out (well I thought I did.) I knew exactly what type of mum I wanted to be, how my children would behave, what they would wear, what they would eat – blah blah blah.

I knew I wanted girls. Never had much to do with boys, there hasn’t been a boy on my mothers side of the family in the last 4 generations, that I know of, so girls I thought I would be better with, and I was blessed with 3.

Yep, I got this…. I know what to do … Holy shit was I wrong.

All the things I thought I would do or at least be good at….. No. Here is a little list of the things I THOUGHT would happen as opposed to all the things that DO happen. Nod along at your own pace.

My children would never say no to me.
Happens probably every half hour.

They would eat what I would cook.
As much as I love you Bill Granger, mine won’t eat what you say they will.

I would pick their clothes…cause I pick cool clothes!
I now do not even bother with my eldest.

They would NEVER fight in public.
The 2 eldest once had a punch up in the dairy aisle at Coles.

They would never eat the sugary shit out of boxes in their school lunch.
I still do try with this one, but far out its hard at times.

They would do WHAT they were told WHEN they were told.
Hahahahahahahahahahaha so funny.

I know I could go on, as I’m sure you could too, but the fact remains that all good intentions are turned to shit real quick once their personality starts to kick in. Obviously I was a deluded fool. Every mum has their own agenda and if you have been successful so far at yours, congratulations. I’m still trying.

It’s funny though how things change as they grow. I remember vividly when my first was only about 3 weeks old, walking down the stairs after putting her to bed for the night and thinking I couldn’t wait til she woke up just so I could be with her again. I just loved everything about her (obviously I still do…. Except when she rolls her eyes at me… I could peel the skin from her face when she does that) Now, after putting the 3 of them to bed I walk down the stairs and think thank god I’ve got a couple of hours to myself.

Having said this my girls are beautiful and the greatest compliment I have ever received was from a friends mum who told me that they were exactly as they should be. Confidant, healthy, well adjusted, well mannered, and respectful. I scoffed at the time and said you should come home with me but then I realised she really was right. They are. Recently at the local Dawn Service my 2 eldest girls listened to a story from one of the ex servicemen about how he earned his medals and they listened with the greatest respect even though he was very difficult to understand and I could not have been any prouder of them.

You see, as hard as us mothers are on ourselves, sometimes we need to take a step back and just look at what a good job we ARE doing.

Sometimes the pressure of having everything perfect consumes us. A friend of mine made a comment the other day about how the David Jones/Myer adverts had the best looking mothers on there. Imagine having a REAL mum getting woken up. She does not look like the ads that’s for damn sure. I looked at myself earlier whilst visiting my own mum and thought wow… Geeez. You look like crap. My face looks dull and drawn, my eyes are black, my hair needs fixing, given my early start to the morning I thought when I left home I looked alright… I’m just going to blame the lighting in her bathroom. Nevertheless, I’m not trying to impress anyone, my kids couldn’t care what I look like but I’m pretty sure I’m not fit to be put on a Myer advert.

I have often said you do not know what kind of woman you are until you become a mother. I stand by this as so much changes.

For all you non mothers, don’t get any pre conceived ideas of how things will be… You’ll be wrong.

For all you fellow mothers, give yourself a pat on the back.. You’re awesome.

Til next week, stay sane 😉

Jac x