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Back to School

April 28, 2014

Supplies: Variety of School SuppliesI’m not sure why this is. We have had the same morning routine since my eldest started school and she’s currently in Year 5 so there’s been plenty of time to adapt. It’s not like all of a sudden we have to make the bed, eat breakfast, wash face, clean teeth…there’s nothing new here!

So why is it so difficult? Every morning it’s the same thing..

Have you made your bed? No.
Have you cleaned your teeth? No.
Oh my god! WHY THE HELL NOT?

I try not to yell, I really do.. I have even tried saying to myself before I get out of bed ” have more patience this morning and don’t yell, they don’t care, it only bothers you.”

It doesn’t work. I still yell. It’s the same thing every morning until they are dropped off at school. Then I am left with the little one, we do the coffee run and then everything is harmonious once more. And then I start to think.. What can I do to make this process easier? The answer is nothing for the simple fact is… It’s not me, it’s them.

Even as I am writing this the eldest two are screaming at each other over those bullshit loom bands. Who invented those? More to the point, why did I think they were a good idea? *insert sarcasm*

Oh these are a good idea, they will love these, they won’t fight over these if they both have an identical set each and there will be absolutely no sharing required!

It seems there is nothing this pair won’t fight over. I was raised an only child so I just don’t get this constant need to fight! My husband, who is one of four, assures me this is completely normal and at times when I am ready to just give in and watch them kill each other he starts up with an inappropriate giggle and walks off. So to say I am pleased to have six short hours of somewhat peace is obviously an understatement.

Once they are home from school we have the inevitable “what can I have to eat?” question, and still to this day I struggle with this one. I don’t want them to have rubbish, nor would I ask them to have a piece of fruit (they have already had their 2 pieces of fruit at school and clearly 1 more piece would lead to a horrible convulsion of some description and is not even open for discussion.)

In comes eggs. My kids love eggs. I have found a recipe that is great for the afternoon as it fills them up, and even has a sneaky serve of veggies thrown in there as well. It’s easy and if you’re up for it they can even help you make it. That, however, is completely up to you!

Til next week, stay sane 😉

Jac x

Tackling Holidays with Kids

April 21, 2014

Stocksy_txp86ad2abe6x4000_Small_133429I must say the last week has gone by pretty quick. Let’s see, we’ve had friends over, sleep overs, beach fishing, trips to the ED, new houses to visit, loom band days..(for those non parents.. Just smile and nod) and so on.

The one thing I like is this has been done without much cost. No shopping days, no movies, no themed establishments aimed directly at children who have no idea how much things cost. You see, when there are 3 things add up really quickly. We live off a monthly income.. Yes it does suck. And I just refuse to spend the best part of a hunge on going to the movies just because it’s the holidays.

Don’t get me wrong they do get to go to the movies.  My husband enjoys taking them and I enjoy being alone so.. Win Win! It’s just the expectation I have an issue with.

So then comes the question “Mum, what are we doing today?” My usual response is “I dunno darl” because I have learnt by now that it’s just easier to see how things pan out. If my middle child misbehaves (and by if.. I mean when) then she is in trouble and doesn’t deserve a day out. However, if for some ungodly reason she decides to not give me any grief then we may just go do something nice.

This might include taking out the bikes/scooters for a ride. Not me of course, I’m the one walking a million miles behind bellowing at them to slow down.

Going to the park, although the eldest seems a bit too “cool” to be at the park with her sisters. I like being at the beach, not in the ocean, on the promenade with a coffee while the girls play on the sand. Sometimes this activity is best done with some friends (less chance of the 3 of them fighting over which grain of sand was theirs.)

Heading up to the local oval with a ball that they can kick from here to kingdom come is also a favourite.. Wears them out too…best done later in the afternoon to avoid any power-naps upon their return home, mine are usually thrown straight in the shower.

These things are all inexpensive. Another thing that some mothers who are better than me like to do is cook with their children. I love this idea for 2 reasons.

  1. I love to cook/bake and
  2. I think it’s important for kids to have a good grasp of what’s going on with their food and how it all comes together.

You will notice that I have used the word idea.

I wish I was one those mums on the tv or in the magazines who seem to really enjoy the experience of cooking with their kids. I really do. But I’m not. I start off with the very best of intentions. I even let them pick what they would like to make… Generous of me I know… But, by the time the ingredients are on the bench, eggs have rolled off and smashed on the floor, milk has been spilled (and yes I will cry), the flour has been sifted absolutely everywhere bar in the bowl – I lose my shit, start screaming and beg for them to let me finish it alone.

So cooking is maybe not the best thing for me, but that’s just me and if you have more tolerance then congratulations. Happy times in the kitchen are all yours.

Something else my kids love is cutting and pasting. Old magazines and junk mail works just fine. Very helpful for little ones who are learning their colours, is to categorise which pictures go into which colour category. Eg. cans of coke go in the red category. Older kids can do a collage type picture of whatever takes their fancy. My eldest did a wonderful one a while back featuring cakes (she’s my kid) that looked awesome. It’s time consuming, quiet and perfect if they’re enjoying it.

If none of my ideas are helpful to you then may I suggest a little thing called Pinterest. By the time you have finished scrolling through the millions of ideas on Pinterest the holidays will all be over, and you will have just as many DIY ideas of your own.

Til next time, stay sane 😉

Jac x

Mummy Monday: Handbag Necessities

April 14, 2014

Addicted to Sweets a Woman's Purse RevealedThis column is going to let you in on a few of the things I’ve learnt (and not learnt) about being a mum.

Today I’m going to chat about handbags… Not Chanel, not Prada… Not even Kmart… We’re talking about “The Mothers Handbag“. A breed of its own. Only a mother will know the kind. Before I give any advice and become all self righteous in the bag area I thought I best check what’s going on in my own. I won’t lie, it’s probably not great, I’m sure all the mums will nod along…. Here goes..

First we have the necessary phone and purse, then comes the less necessary starting with the 3 year olds sunglasses, iPhone ear plugs, 3 pens, 2 packets of eclipse mints… 1 intact, 1 exploded everywhere, a sheet of fairy stickers, a yoghurtland spoon, 4 hair bands, 3 bobby pins, 2 McCafe dockets (really surprised there’s only the two), $1.15 in shrapnel, a lollipop – I don’t even know how old it is, a cocktail umbrella (wtf?!), 2 lip liners and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – yep 5, lip glosses, all a stunning shade of pretty much the same colour. So, clearly I carry around a bag full of crap!

So… Here’s a list of all the things I should have…

  1. Baby wipes and tissues. For the obvious reasons.
  2. Band aids. Fix everything, stops tears instantly.
  3. A pen. Never can find one when you need one.
  4. Safety pins. Buttons and zips can let you down.
  5. 1 lipgloss. Just 1.
  6. Compact with a mirror. Just to check your teeth and fix your nose all at once.
  7. $20 hidden somewhere. My parents always said to have a spare 20 just in case, I listened.
  8. A small toy. Something for little hands to hold onto.
  9. Anti bacterial gel. Germs are foul.
  10. Oh…your phone and purse.. Duh!

So that’s pretty much what I think needs to be in an actual handbag.

That’s all… However…

If you’re like me and your afternoons/weekends are spent in the car running kids from A to B then you may benefit from my “Essentials Bag”.

This is the bag that sits in the back of my car that is there for a number of different reasons.

In this bag we have jackets, a spare pair of thongs (someone will ALWAYS have a blowout… guaranteed), spare undies, sun cream, aeroguard, SOOV, colouring books and pencils (keep them happy if bored.. For 10 mins anyway) and a hairbrush with 3 elastics wrapped around the bottom. That’s the bag in the back. There’s also a picnic rug and 3 umbrellas which I’m fairly sure are all broken. Intention is there anyway.

In the centre console we have deodorant, hand cream, baby wipes, more antibacterial gel, lint remover roller (I wear stacks of black.. And have 2 cats), Nurofen… (3 girls bitching at each other constantly is enough to give anyone a headache!) and lastly, a seatbelt cutter… Strange, yes. I have a fear of being trapped by a seatbelt. It really works too, just ask Miss 10 who thought she would try it out and has now rendered the middle seatbelt problematic to say the very least.

I understand that not everyone would require ALL the things I have considered necessary. To those of you who aren’t mothers yet, cherish your ability to just throw some crap together and walk out the door without a second thought!

For those who are mothers… You get me.

Until next time, stay sane.

Jac 😉