All new home range at Kmart!

August 4, 2015

I make no secret that I love Kmart.
I love the range of everything, and even more so.. I love the price.

Their range of homewares has been increasing in volume over the last 12 months quite dramatically and now I see there is even more and the stuff is AWESOME!!

We have been planning on renovating our house now for ages but we just can’t seem to agree on what to do so it has been put on hold yet again…However, every time I head into Kmart I end up buying stuff to put away for when I get my new kitchen/dining room/bedroom… and so on. Now, I have quite the collection of stuff waiting… now if we could just agree on the more boring things of what to put where structurally. (yawn)

If you haven’t been into Kmart recently.. head on in. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!
Wanna have a look first… check it out here.

After school snack.. Raisin toast cups

July 31, 2015


So regular readers would know I’m not great with my kids in the kitchen.. Wish I was… but I’m not. However, this (not even a) recipe, they can help and it won’t do your head in.

All you need to do is grab however many slices you want to use, cut the crusts off (don’t throw them away though, you can bake them as well and the kids can dip these into yoghurt for breakfast or something), then between 2 sheets of baking paper use a rolling pin to roll them out until they are nice and thin and then mould them into a greased muffin tin. Pop them into a preheated 180c oven and bake for about 15 minutes. As raisin toast burns quick you’re best to keep your eye on it. Once nice and golden and crispy pull them out of the oven and leave them to cool down a touch in the tin.

Fill them with whatever you like, I have used vanilla yoghurt and sliced fruit. I have also filled them with vanilla custard and it tastes just like Christmas!

Easy as! :)

Bacon and zucchini slice.

July 20, 2015

image from Donna Hay

image from Donna Hay

So last week I said I was going to give you the heads up on a recipe or two that ties in with what’s on special at either Woolies or Coles. This week it’s shortcut bacon form the deli at Woolies for $9.90kg which is about $7 cheaper than normal. I find shortcut bacon much easier and saves mucking around cutting the rind and the fat off, therefore saving a bit of time and is probably that touch healthier for us all.

If you look at the “Odd Bunch” line of fruit and veggies you can pick up a bag of zucchinis for around $2. Also the great thing with this Donna Hay recipe is you can use up any old bread you’ve got lying around. This is great as it’s an easy dinner you put together and throw in the oven and serve with a nice salad, and because this is something the kiddies love any leftovers can go to school in their lunchbox. Enjoy! Click here for Donna’s recipe.

Sick of spending money on food?

July 15, 2015


photo-1424847651672-bf20a4b0982bAbout a month ago I put out a couple of questions on Facebook about how much you all spend on an average weekly shop and what are the things you buy the most. Thank you to all of you who responded as it was pretty helpful. On average around $300 a week for a family of 4-5 seems about right. Most of you  jump out to the shops every few days for bread, milk and fruit and still end up spending more while you’re there.

I’m not going to tell any of you how to save money or how to not go to the shops every few days because this is exactly what I do as well. But…. what I have found is how to not do it quite so often.  The answer….. junk mail. Yep… it’s a pain in the arse I know but it can actually be really helpful if you just give it a bit of your time.

Time….. I understand is something we all don’t have much of but if you just organise yourself a short amount of time I promise it will make life a tiny bit easier. This is what I do….

First have a look through your supermarket catalogue of choice and check out this weeks specials and then do yourself up a meal plan for the week accordingly. Obviously there won’t be everything on sale that you would like for the week but by seeing what’s cheap you can work your way around a few good recipes without spending a small fortune. E.g… bananas are cheap.. you know the kids eat bitchloads of them so that’s great, but then what about making banana cake or muffins for the freezer for school lunches. Or freezing some which makes smoothies or even a quick ice cream easy. English muffins is a great one, great for breakfast but then also great made into mini pizzas for after school or with Nutella, banana and strawberries for after dinner. (Half each I find is enough … for the kids anyway). Or what about ham… sandwich staple but then what about making dinner with it as well. Things like pasta, quiche or I make an awesome impossible pie with ham and leek (which I will post on here later) and the kids LOVE it!

These are obviously only just examples of what I try to do, just to cut down on spending soooo much money.

Another good thing to do is sit down with a coffee (or wine if you need it) and flick through your favourite cookbooks or foodie magazines and bookmark things you think sound good/know you’d like and work your way accordingly through them with things that are on sale. Write out your meal plan for the week including extra things you will make like dessert and school snacks and make sure you take the list with you to do the shopping, just so you know what it is you will need to avoid trips back to the shops where you think you will spend $5 and inevitably end up spending an easy 50.

So from now on I’m going to pick one thing each week from either Woolies or Coles and link up a recipe to help you out. (Easier if I link it to other sites as they make meals look much prettier then I do!)

First up is lamb forequarter chops from Woolies at $7.99kg.. These are super cheap and easy as to use in the slow cooker. Now, this is not the prettiest looking dish in the world but my god it is tasty and if you have leftovers it is awesome on toasted sourdough or even mixed through some pasta.  Lamb Obsession from Slow Cooker Central is just superb.



Or if you think you would like something  perhaps a little lighter you could try Lamb Chops in Ratatouille from Both I have made before and both are equally as delicious and the kids eat them.






Your daughter can be whatever she wants to be.

July 13, 2015


So regular readers would know I have 3 daughters, 2 of which went back to school today. The smallest one should have gone back to pre school but she has a pupil free day… (hahaha…I know right). So after dropping off the other pair I went about my business, going to the shops etc.. and then ended up sitting at Maccas with a coffee and the newspaper while the little one played a game on my phone… Excellent parenting yes I know, but it was an alphabet game so it’s alright.

Along comes another mum with her daughter that I guess would be perhaps 8 or 9 who obviously wasn’t lucky enough to go back to school today but were doing pretty much the same as us. Trying to just get a bit of peace and quiet, enjoy a coffee and stay warm. I smiled politely at her when she sat down next to me and that was that. I continued to read the article in the paper about the Australian “Ginger Jihadi” and thinking to myself how the fuck does this shit happen? A “normal”  Australian boy from the suburbs ending up over there and has now married a 16 year old jihadi bride? Howwwww???? I just try to wrap my head around it all and keep on reading.

Now not eavesdropping at all but when she is right next to me it is hard to not overhear when the little girl tells her mother that she wants to be a nurse when she is older…. To which her mother replies with “You’re not smart enough to be a nurse”.

Without a moments hesitation I flung my head up and looked at the mum who was seated on the same side as me with my eyebrows raised. I probably looked extremely rude but it happened without any self control. The mum looked at me and laughed and said “She’s not!” I then raised my eyebrows again and probably not so politely smiled and pointed my head back down to the paper. I then took a sec to look up at the little girl who’s face had dropped and give her a big smile.

Now, I am not judging this mother’s parenting technique… well, I’m trying not too. But reallllly????? Obviously I do not know what kind of grades this little girl gets and I am all for keeping shit real but wow!!! So harsh. This kid is just that…. a kid. I expect she will change her mind a thousand times before it comes time for her to make a career choice but I bet my arse she will remember her mum saying she wasn’t smart enough to be a nurse. What about just saying “Do you darlin, you’ll have to work very hard” and smiling?

My God about 6 months ago my eldest daughter who is 12 wanted to be Foreign Minister!!!!! Do I think she will be? Shit no…. nor would I want her to be but far out I would never be a bitch about it. At the moment she wants to be an architect… Will she do that? Who knows…. probably not… SHE IS 12!!!! As if she knows what she wants to do!

Jesus, a while ago my middle daughter tells me she wants to be a black policeman. After trying to figure out what the hell she is on about I figured out she means………


Unknown-1                     Not this…       Unknown

Anyone who knows my middle daughter would know this is an extremely bad idea as she will more than likely shoot someone for having a sooky face, let alone if they pissed her off.

My point to the matter is this. They are kids. They need encouragement to do things. Yes you want to keep it real for them.. They can’t all be rocket scientists or doctors or even foreign ministers BUT because we live in this country our girls have every opportunity. They have education, they have abilities that in other parts of the world are simply dreamt about. If they want the opportunity to be a pilot… It’s there. They want the opportunity to be a teacher… It’s there. Obviously everyone has their own academic abilities and talents and we should encourage the kids to work within what is acceptable for them but to tell them flat out “You’re not smart enough” when they are only 8 or 9 I just think is a bit harsh.

To this little girl…. I hope one day you are the best nurse ever. Of course, if you still want to be a nurse next week. 😉

*police images from smh and withintheblackcommunity.

An open letter to sporting mums.

July 7, 2015


I have been meaning to write this piece for quite some time however it has just been put on the back burner as something I will get around to. Well…. now I’m around to it. Here’s the thing that’s pissing me off. I have 3 daughters.. 2 of them are very actively involved with team sport. The youngest one not just yet as she is too little but she will be when she is old enough. I LOVE team sports. I think it is such a great way for the kids to make new friends, learn how to co exist with other kids they may not get along with, learn how to work as a team effectively. It also teaches them to appreciate weaknesses and strengths.

Here is where I think some of us mums need to work on this as well. All these kids are different and what one is good at someone else might not be…. They are all different. End of the day IT IS A TEAM. You know what a TEAM is?

Look, we all think our kids are pretty awesome yes? Of course we do but man I am getting really pissed off at the mums thinking their kids are the bees knees and hanging shit on all the others. Yes your child might be faster than mine, but mine has the physical strength of two of yours. Yes your child might have different skills but without my child having her particular set of skills yours would fall flat on her arse. Thing is… the team was in place before we all got there and it will still be in place if we left. It is just that simple. Your child is NOT the principle player. Accept it and move the fuck on.

You see, this is what makes a team. People who all have what it takes but are different in their own ways all trying to achieve there same result. Your child is not going to learn how to work effectively in their chosen sport or life in general really,  if you keep letting them believe it’s not them it’s everyone else.

So really…. stop with your bullshit.

Coconut Bread

July 6, 2015

photo credit LifeStyle FOOD

photo credit LifeStyle FOOD

This is an awesome alternative to banana bread…. not that there’s anything wrong with banana bread, don’t get me wrong but this is great for something a little different. It’s great for the kids to help in the kitchen (if you are so inclined) as it’s an easy one. Pop this in the toaster for a quick breakfast with a smear of jam (or if you are like me, quite a big dollop thanks) or it’s great as a lunchbox snack. Either way your house will smell frigin awesome while this baby is in the oven. Click here to go straight to Bill Granger’s recipe. I’m taking you straight to Bill as he does it best!

Cheesy corn damper dip.

June 10, 2015


This is a staple in my house, certainly not something for an occasion… although it is perfect for such things but it is also just as perfect for Sunday lunch or an easy dinner.

Super easy and seriously tasty.

Here’s what you need to do.

Preheat your oven to 180C and take the top off your damper and scoop out the insides and put it all on a baking tray and into the oven for around 15-20 minutes.

Next in a little olive oil fry off 3 rashers of chopped bacon, 3 chopped spring onions and a clove of garlic. Once all sweated down nicely add 1 tin of creamed corn and around 1/2 tsp curry powder. (I usually do this by eye, y’all know how hot you like things). Next add 1 cup of grated tasty cheese and 1 carton of sour cream. Add salt and a good crack of black pepper and let simmer through until all the cheese has melted.

Pull out your damper and put on your serving platter, add the dip straight in and arrange the other bread bits and away you go. You are very welcome.

Fashions New Wave.

June 9, 2015

So, obviously I am not a fashion blogger. No surprises there. I am a stay at home mother of 3.. (I laugh at this because I hardly ever stay at home) but I do try to stay in touch with what looks good and what doesn’t. Sometimes I have the time to put into my appearance, sometimes I don’t. Most mornings it depends on how fast my girls get ready as to whether I even get mascara on or not! I’m sure I’m not alone here.

Together with UK based fashion website Farfetch I am excited to bring you a series of gorgeous illustrations showing what’s next for all of us in the Southern Hemisphere. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know I love a good illustration.. (especially Megan Hess). Of course those to our north are ahead of us in regard to fashion seasons , so we are getting the heads up for what’s on the way.

I’ve chosen the ones that I think are most suitable for us busy mums. First up we’re starting with how to do the “laid back” look well and what’s the next trend for make up.




I think we’re all pretty laid back right? A shirt tied around the waste should be easy enough without feeling like a teenage boy.make-up-minimalism




I’m loving the minimalist make up look. For the base a good BB cream (I love Garnier) would be great rather than a heavy foundation.  I’m quite partial to a good nude lipstick. My favourite at the moment is ModelCo Party Proof in Nearly Nude.




CMV awareness month.

June 2, 2015

10479155_816816021720253_2585071917087123561_nHere is something that is very close to me. June is CMV awareness month. CMV stands for Cytomegalovirus, a condition which is fairly ordinary until it strikes a pregnant woman in the early stages of pregnancy. This is close to me as I contracted it around the 6 week mark of my last pregnancy. If you haven’t read my story about it before you can here.

Once CMV is contracted the patient will then carry it for life. It may or may not strike up again at any time without notice, usually with nothing more than flu like symptoms.

If it is passed from the mother to the unborn child it can result in some very serious and lasting problems. I was extremely fortunate enough to keep it to myself and my daughter was born 5 years ago completely fine.

Recently a mum contacted me after reading my story to let me know about her own experience with CMV. Her beautiful little boy Christopher did contract the virus whilst in utero and has been going  strong now for over a year and has recently just celebrated his very special 1st birthday. Christopher has his very own Facebook account so people can keep track of his progress. If you would like to keep track of this awesome little guy you can find him here.

So……. CMV is not a thing many people are aware of….. but it should be. It can be contracted by absolutely anyone and unless there is something a tiny bit strange about your pregnancy you won’t ever even know about it. I know I had never heard of it but now I won’t ever forget it, that’s one thing I do know for sure.